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No Smoking Day
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Day 14 - 2nd day no patches and feeling crap

Ergh. Day 2 without the 21mg patches as I was allergic to them. Still using a few Niquitin minis and had a blast on my nasal spray first thing. Feeling OK on the not smoking front, but ... have a hellish headache, a wheezy chest, feels tight and got a horrible chesty cough. Is this normal day 14 stuff or due to dropping the patches suddenly?

Onward an upward though! Mothers Day so looking forward to being pampered and going to take it easy!

Happy Smoke Free Mother's Day ladies!

Catherine xx

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Hey Catherine

I think wheezy chest etc is normal and not to do with your patches. I'm on day 13 CT now and the headaches have gone, but my chest is soooo tight it's horrible, I want to take some exercise but really, not sure I could run up a flight of stairs today.. from what I've read on this and whyquit chest infections or coughs are really common as the lungs start to recover and clear out all the crap. Guess we just have to grit our teeth and try to remember that this is positive in the long run....



Keep your chin up pal and be strong! :)


Thanks Vix and Al, I think you're right, I just keep thinking it's all for the greater good! Am looking forward to being able to excercise more. Chest too bad just now though!


Catherine xx


Hope today is better....

Hey Kat, hope today's going better than yesterday? Didn't notice this thread till after I sent you a message!

Off to see my nurse now so update you later.....


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