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Still smiling

Hi guys

Just thought I would let everyone know that today is day 14 and I have to be honest and say that out of all the previous attempts, I have never felt so confident as I do this time.

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and advice along the way (it matters more than you realise) and please continue to do so :D.

Good luck to all of you who are at the start and congrats to those of you who are well past the finishing line. You are our inspiration.

Not trying to be gushy - just feeling great and still smiling.


When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. :eek:

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Well done Steph, so 2 whole weeks done now, that is a great motivator cause you don't want to have to do those again :eek:

You sound really positive and that is fantastic, keep reading and keep posting you will soon be counting in months, not weeks.


Steph befor I give the encouragement and support you so surely deserve can I just say I love your signature the rope one it is so today.

You are doing so well at 2 weeks and if you still have hair you are doing better than I did LOL

Keep coming on here and getting the support and of course giving it as there will always be someone in the early days crying out for help, and we all know what thats like LOL good luck xx


Thanks guys

And no, I do not want to go backwards - only forwards

Yes Jamangie I still have my hair but the colour is changing fast ;)

Speak soon


always wanted to be Blonde LOL


And to think I used to pay a fortune to have steaks in my hair – and the silly swimming hat :D


And to think I used to pay a fortune to have steaks in my hair – and the silly swimming hat :D

Ok, were they rump :eek:


Your doing great Steph!!!

Keep on doing exactly what your doing!

Its seems to be working marvellously!

Well Done Girl!



Thanks Zozie and sorry I missed the r Bev - the little grey cells must be going as well! :D


Well done to us....

You and me both Steph - see you in week 3 tomorrow!!!


Week 3 - amazing!!!!

Catch you there


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