Sunny Smiles and Nick Reduction

Hey All,

Quite getting into this Month 2 swing of things, everything has eased off for a bit on the Narky side of things and i'm rather looking forward to by chaps birthday on Saturday...which is quite exciting.:D

I'm down to a quarter of a Nicotine patch too since yesterday, Operation weaning off Nicotine Coated Sticking Plasters is proving to be a great success (I'm not noticing the dropping down hardly at all) yippee!!!!

How are you all doing? Sending super fab and fluffy vibes out to all of you!!!!!

Biiiiig Huuugs xxxxxx:D

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  • Hi Zozie :D

    Well done getting to month 2 that's great and cutting down on the patches as well with no problems


    Marg xx

  • Well done Zozie...loving the fluffy vides, very claming for a Wednesday...


  • Well done Zozie...loving the fluffy vides, very claming for a Wednesday...


    Brilliant soon be CT Zozie.

    I hate fluffy vibes on a wednesday but i guess we are not identical twins Lorna lol

  • Hi zozie ,Well done for reducing the patches I went down to the 5 mg patches for a week and then just stopped using them altogether- there didnt seem to be any difference to how I felt still have good and bad days, but I feel better for knowing that in 24 hrs I will have no nicotine in my body which is good psychologically.

    Keep strong


  • Thanks everyone!

    Its good that its going smoothly, day 2 of reduced patches and i'm feeling more energetic and revived, i now think that it was definately time to reduce.... i'll see how i feel about going CT when it happens, no rush, Wowee, how chilled am i? any more and i'll fall over sideways into an instant sleep..... Sooo much better than the hellishness of last week....

    If anyone is having Mid to End of Month 1 blues.... IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!

    Hang in there.

    Big Love xxxxx

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