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Day two still here

Well it's day two. Slept in this morning and now I'm going to go for a run as it is sunny in Cambridge today. I feel a bit like I have a slight cold, not sure if I really do or it is just junk clearing out of my system.

I also feel kind of irritable and angry, and not really sure what to do with myself. I had some dreams of smoking last night, combine the fact that not smoking is something I'm thinking about a lot and the Champix and I'm in for a ride.

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Hi Ajikan :D

Well done day 2 is great

The way you're feeling is normal this early in a quit it will pass it just takes a little time


Marg xx


Hi Ajikan.

I'm also on day 2 with Champix......Well done! I'm impressed with the 'going out for a run' bit - must admit up unitl the last hour I've been struggling to motivate myself to do anything, mainly to do with feeling really sick. Anyway that has worn off now and I posted earlier for advice about managing this and very quickly I got 2 replies!

This forum certainly shows that we can all beat the cigs and I have found other peoples stories inspiring.

See you here tomorrow on Day 3

Lou x


Hi Lou

The last time I was on Champix it made me ill unless I took it immediately after eating. I suppose that was what other people told you :)

Anyways this time it seems better and I've been advised to stick with it and not quit early like I did last time. So we'll see.


:) hiya Ajikan

Well here we are - day 3. :D

Yep, was warned about the nausea - not going to take tab til later today otherwise will get nothing done. Kept really busy this morning - finding myself thinking about cigs more today - maybe cos I'm back to work tomorrow after a week off and work is my trickiest place for triggering the wish to smoke. BUT, if I crack work that will be a major hurdle.

How ru doing? Finding lots of drinking and deep breathing helpful (not at the same time tho :confused:) - don't want to stop smoking and then drown!

Really good luck today - will be thinking of you and everybody else who is on Day 1,2,3.....month 4......month 11.........year 2...........and so on.....

Lou xx


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