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Day 2

You guys mite remember me, i made it to day 14 previously then started smoking again!

i tried again, and made it to day three.

so this is another atempt at quiting.

ive just had a major crave, i was happily surfing the internet, then suddenly i jumped up out of my chair and said right sod it, walked in the room where my dad keeps his roll ups, started rolling up one then he said to me remember when your mum stopped she was angry, shouting etc.he said thats what i have to go through to start with, then immediately i dumped the roll up on the table and walked off!

god that was close!

thing is last time i made it to day 14, then i remember having a major crave similar to day 3 of peakness.

how long will these big peaks last for do you think? 2 months? 3 months?

thanks guys


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Welcome back Jamie and well done getting to 2 days.

I think you would benefit well from having a read of some of the info in our signatures, there you will find out what is happening to you and how your body and mind heals from the addiction to nicotine. You could also read as many posts as possible here and see how others at your stage are doing. It is a good idea to take a look at the 6 month and 1 year posts as well, there you see people who have been where you are now and got through it, this shows you that you can definitely do this too.



right chrissie just going to get some water now! guna drink it like hell from now on1!!!



hey there!

well done on rejoining... it takes a strong will to jump back on that hoss!!!

keep your mind focussed and this time the nicodemonn will be beaten in his tracks!!!

Good Luck.... you CAN do this!!!!


Hi Jamie :D

Welcome back sorry I somehow managed to miss this, well done restarting your quit you must be on day 7/8 by now


Marg xx


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