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Hello week 2!!

On to the second week - really feeling very pleased with myself!! Never thought i would get this far.

It is half term this week so i am off with the children instead of working, so a whole new set of routines to test me. But just checking what i can do to keep an 11 and 8 year entertained for 5 days solid is enough to make me want to smoke!! I know i won't though - if i can do a week i can easily do two or more!!

So, lets see what day 8 brings!!

Hope my fellow 8th Febbers are still with me, Mark and Lottie???


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Beccy, it will be far easier to entertain them without running outside to feed an addiction every hour thats for sure. If the weather is ok'ish, get em out for a walk.. kids don't get enough fresh air n exercise imho since console gaming came about, so any excuse to get them out is a good one :)

Glad to see you on week 2, don't stress over lookin after the kids, its a mini challenge and you never know you may end up having a great time :)

Keep up the no smoking.. its doing you good :)



Thanks Jase

Thinking swimming today!! Then a walk up to the shops later. Fresh air without nicotine will also do me good!!



Look at you in this new week 2 room! Well done Beccy, well done me to, bit messy in here! but once we pick up all these whyquit leaflets and have a bit of a clean up it should by quite comfortable for this next week:D wish Lottie would hurry up and give us a hand, i have a spare broom!

Stay strong, stay quit.

I will not partake in the disgusting habit of smoking tobacco based subtances




Clean up AND get a name

I have been racking my brains this morning to think of a name for us February quitters, but said earlier last week i am rubbish at these things, so need you all to put down your broom, stop cleaning, and have a think!!



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