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double figures at last Day 10

Day 10 and the fogginess of my headache filled head as finally cleared, I have been saving the money I would have spent on ciggies in an old no smoking box my son made/decorated for me (years ago) needless to say until 10 days ago had remained empty, I always paid for the cigs on my debit card, this way it never seemed like parting with real cash! (Bit of kidology I know) but it worked for me. Well I have just added today’s money and was amazed to find it now contains (insert drum roll) £108. Decided to treat myself tomorrow to a touch of retail therapy.

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It is easier to stay quit than to have to quit again

Hi Burney

Congartulations on reaching DAY 10 how good does it feel.You should be sooo proud and what a great idea to go and get some retail therapy.

That was never really an option for me as I smoked rollys so only saved about £4/£5 a week but it was my health I wanted to save befor it reached a point of no return because your health is priceless so enjoy your shopping but enjoy your quit more.


Well done :o


well done burney. your doing good :)


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