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7 Weeks 11 Hours and 30 Mins Today

Well 7 weeks +

But I cant believe that the time has passed so fast it doesnt seem 5 minutes since I sat and rolled my last cig and smoked it 9am Christmas Morning

It has been so easy to quit CT no withdrawal at all no extra eating no weight gain never once losing my temper sleep like a log waking up completely refreshed every morning able now to run up the stairs and walk for miles so full of energy and dont even think about smoking not for one iota


Ok truth

7 weeks and so many hours and I cant say its been easy but I got there and one more week and its 2 months sort of yes there have been some realy bad days as you can see in my threads but Hey no one said it would be easy but the running up the stairs thing is true and I will not smoke again

why would I want to after stopping and now being honest enough to know how bad it is for us all to smoke and funnily enough I reckon I am quite intelligent so why would I even consider starting to smoke again now I have stopped.

And do you know something I feel so proud (sorry if that sounds a bit big headed but thats how I feel and I hope that its not pride befor a fall)that I have done this and will keep doing this.

This forum keeps me quit as I also dont want to have to come on here and say I have failed and I know there will be a lot that say its not a failurs but for me it would be as I cannot bear the thought of letting Myself my OH and my Family down


Thanks for all the support and good advice from this site to get me to 7 weeks xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ha, well done you for getting this far..... and to continued smokefreedom of couse.

I remember my last rollie. It was meant to be a big thing, a memorable thing, an isolated special last smoke.

It wasn't really.......... wasn't at all actually. I needed to have my last one that particular day as I was having some dental work and I was meant to have quit a week before (oooops) but now it was just 2 (or 3) days before and whilst I'd cut down over the previous days, I'd not quit completely.

Went out and bought some patches and had my last rollie whilst reading the instructions. Stubbed it out and decided I'd go CT.

At least a last one on Christmas morning has a more memorable thing to it. Or am I wrong to remember my last one and wish it had been a more memorable last one?

All the best Angie with continued quit xx


The road to smoke free is full of fresh air

Thanks Pol

Quitting Christmas Day was inadvertant I had a cold and bad cough so was just stopping for the cough to clear and then after cough cleared decided to stay stopped and let the chest clear completely and now decided to stay stopped but this site is bril

So thanks again Pol for your support x


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