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And another down

Howdy all,

Another day done and dusted without too much trauma. The smokes feel like a distant memory now (not that I'm going to get complacent). I was trying to explain to a colleague how I feel this morning; was interesting as I couldn't really explain it (he has wanted to quit for some time but never got around to it).

All I can describe it as is a feeling that I've never smoked; therefore I don't seem to miss it and therefore don't crave it. My worry is does that mean I'd want to try it again ... as to me it would feel like the first time. Very strange.

Quite chuffed though as it has been a difficult few days personally. I seem to be starting the mornings in a panic, feel anxious until late afternoon early evening. Might take another trip to the docs soon just to get my head straight. Work has been a nightmare recently and I've a week booked off (first in Feb) so I think I'll kick the ol' feet up then and see how I get on.

...saying that hospital in the!

I need to say thanks for all the support again. It feels odd as I think from reading the experiences of others I've had it dead easy - it really hasn't been a struggle. However I wonder if it would have been the case without the drive I get from here? Who knows?!

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hi stav:D

glad to see you have walked past another day



Hi Stav :D

I'm really pleased everything is going so well for you now


Marg xx


Keep going Stav

Great to see such a positive post despite life's trials, hope all went well at the hospital this morning too.

I agree about not becoming complacent as for me this will be when I think the laws of addiction don't apply, have never read Allan Carr myself so not sure how it works exactly. Imagine it's similar to the whyquit stuff, which I have read.

Keep going - it's truely the present I've ever given myself.



I can totally relate.......

Hi Stav,

I can totally relate to what you say about feeling like you haven't smoked or crave it....I have felt exactly the same over the last couple of days and replied to a friend today when she txt me how's the quitting smoking going?, and I replied what quitting smoking, never smoked!!!!! and that is absolutelty how I have felt.

I must say that on the other occassions that I have attempted to quit I have never felt like this, maybe this is because I am using the patches correctly and not having the same cravings as before, not too sure but all I can say is long may it continue.

Well done anyway Stav for coming so far and doing so well.



All I can say Stav is GOOD ON YAH MATE!!

And Sharon I think it means for you that you really want to do this time, great.



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