7 Months for Chrissie V

Good on you Chrissie, how fantastic are you - thought you might like a decent red, a cheese board and a packet of digestives, I'll throw in some crudites and grapes, nearly at your five a day then.

Onwards and upwards.


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  • Woohoo...good on ya, Chrissie :)

    The 2nd half of getting to a year quit is great...it's when you really start noticing the positive benefits coming through.

    Keep on keepin' on :cool:


  • Well done Chrissie, 7 months done and dusted, how great are you. Wishing you many more smoke-free months.


  • Jolly good show! Well done you!

  • Congrats Chrissie :)

    7 Wonderful Months :cool: Be Proud

    Wishing you continued strength and many continuous smoke free months


  • Hi Chrissie :D

    YAY thanks for my Pressie I know how worried you were about that holiday but you DID IT and I am so proud of you

    Massive Congratulations on 7 months I know how much you struggled at times to get here


    Marg xxx

    My Little Miss came good :p:D

  • Hi Chissie hunnie

    Soooooooooooooo pleased your back really missed you mate. Well done staying smoke free always cave on hoilday so one of my big bug bears. CONGRATS. Happy new year hun.xxxxx

  • You welcome Chrissie, how's the head this morning?

  • Chrissie - don't - you've done so well.

    Have a shower, sort yourself out and get some exercise.

  • Chrissie, well done on 7 months, but re: your last post entry on this thread.

    You have to keep trying, get rid of what you know you need to, and move on from this. You have the power within to do it. You know you can do it.

    Good luck and well done all the same.


  • Hi Chrissie :D

    OMG what happened to upset you that much ???????

    Why didn't you tell me silly girl ?? You surely know I'll help if I can

    Decision time as im craving and cant be arsed to pull it back again

    Right I may have to be a little cruel here to be kind you ready for this if not tough

    It's not the end of the world that you had a fag last night now just snap out of it, you're feeling sorry for yourself and that will not help at all JUST STOP IT right now You hear me good

    Of course you can be arsed to pull it back just think of all that work, tears tantrums,struggling do you really want to go back to day 1 ??

    No of course you don't now pull yourself together have a black coffee for the hangover and get your backside off the pity pot and go for a long walk

    You can and you will do it

    If you hate me after this so be it I don't care all I care about is that you stay quit, you know you can do it after all so just get on with it

    I know you're sad right now but smoking isn't going to make anything better and you know it


    Marg xx

  • Decision time as im craving and cant be arsed to pull it back again

    Yes you can........ I've read over old posts of yours and have some very small idea of how gutted you were.......BE ARSED, pull it back Chrissie

    Pity Parties not allowed - those and hangovers are not a good combo

    Hugs xx

  • Thanks (and 4 pm's) but im not happy bout going back to day one after all this but promised myself i would if i took another puff

    Stupid - yes thats my name

    A wonderful vacation smoke free, my big trigger beaten and my guard down so i spark up because some waste of space made me cry

    Gonna crack my smokin jar open for some PMA

    bumtittycarca - well monopoly is a crimbo game and im in jail!!!!!

    Chrissie xx

    Chrissie, being back on day 1, may appease your need to beat yourself up but will being so harsh on yourself keep you quit?

    As Pol says you've probably got boozers gloom too... Chalk it up to experience and move on

  • omg i heard you marg and im sorry (for myself and all your hard work)

    will post in day one soon i hope

    thanks for everything xx

    For anyone reading this- PLEASE dont follow me as you will gain nothing except guilt and stinky breath

    Giving up the smokes was one of the best decisions i have ever made and im not going to loose it again so back to day one i go

    Watch out Marg for the potty mouthed pm's xxxx

    Hi Chrissie :D

    You don't need to be sorry for me as for the hard work that was yours

    You don't have to go back to day one but if you feel you must I won't try and stop you Promise

    Don't thank me as if it's already in the past Miss we've been through to much together for that

    I understand your reasoning and if it takes going back to day 1 for you to comfortable with yourself so be it

    Whenver you're ready I'll be here Promise meanwhile keep in touch or else OK

    email me if you don't want to come on the open forum and I'll clear the decks ready for those potty mouthed PM's and if you think that threat will make me back off or give up on you it won't work and that's another Promise OK

    You'll just have to be ready for me yelling back at you like before though after all it worked when nothing else did which is why I wrote that way earlier

    Love and a Hug

    Talk again soon

    Marg xxx

  • Chrissie I am so sorry to hear you are having problems, I agree with Marg, if you possibly can don't keep smoking. Seven months is a lot of hard work to throw away.

    Sending you courage and determinstion to get back to being smoke-free.


  • I will follow you though chrissie, not by smoking no, but just by being there for others, something you've always done, no matter how you've been feeling yourself.

    Regardless of these horrid blips that caught you unawares, you have been and still remain an inspiration to me and many others.

    I second what margs said though, drag your backside off the pity pot once more, you've done it once, you can do it again.. you so bloody well can!!!

    Whoever it is that has upset you, isn't worth even scraping off the bottom of your shoe in all honesty, certainly not worthy of affecting your quit as you've allowed them too.

    Claw this back now though chrissie.. stare that demon in the eyes and ram both fingers home straight through em.. NOT THIS TIME!!

    All is not lost yet.. there are folk in the 1 year+ club who've relapsed during their quit and never went back to day 1.. so WHY SHOULD YOU?

    Just re-double your efforts to stay quit, put this down to bad experience and practice what you've been doing so well to do this last 7 months.

    (((( big hug for ya ))))



  • Aw Chrissie

    My love I agree with every word Marg and Jase have said hun. Just give yourself a bloody shake please dont smoke anymore I for one can tell you it will not make you happy. If you must say to yourself your back on day one so be it. but if you look at thing in the light of day who cares day one, day 365 what ever your not smoking. Chrissie pleaseeeeeeeeeeee not give up believe in yourself.xxxxx

  • only just seen this - ahhh chrissie NOOOO!!!

    i think that you need to put this behind you asap. You havent failed yet. However if you decide that you want to carry on smoking today and tomorrow and the next day then you will have failed.

    i think its super important that you just put it down to one of those things - New Years Eve is a pretty emotional time for people. You have done AMAZINGLY WELL.

    just put it behind you and brush your teeth and have a shower and pretend it never happened.

    Im not advocating denial but in this case being too tough on yourself could really mean that you could risk throwing it all away. And what for? some a$$hole who upset you.

    please please please dont let that person be the cause of you throwing it all away now.

    you can do this. you really can.

  • im crying as i bought 10 and smoked 2

    thanku all so much i will never take another puff and dont give a shit which day i am on as long as you are there

    Happy Smoke Free 2010

    I hope your gonna flush them down the toilet in little pieces!

    2 fags does not a 7 month quit destroy.

    Onwards and upwards and never take another puff.


  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Don't cry sweetie it will only make you feel worse about it and I know you chucked the rest of the bloody things

    I'll always be here for you, you know that chin up together we'll get you there Promise

    Chrissie your PM box is full I sent you an email instead OK about 15 mins ago

    I could cheerfully throttle the sod that upset you like this arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Love and a Hug

    Marg xx

  • Me too marg the little T*at

    Come on love dont cry fight back you are in control here not the f**ing fags.xxxx

  • Spinning!

    just for you - Put your back into it

  • :eek:Just saw this..........2 ciggies is nothing.....put it behind you and just keep going Chrissie:D:Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Chrissie

    So sorry you feel so rotten and low, I am agreeing with the others 2 fags does not ruin a quit, you have told us, been truthful and thats a very fine thing to do.

    I have read your posts and I have had a hard time quitting but its people like you who keep me going. Please smile again, dont be so hard on yourself, please.

    Dee xx

  • im crying as i bought 10 and smoked 2

    thanku all so much i will never take another puff and dont give a shit which day i am on as long as you are there

    Happy Smoke Free 2010


    What has caused you to do this ? And which waste of space ? supposed to be a support forum this but as any forum in the world there are always prick s .... and have to be ignored or just laughed at

    And we will always be there for you xx

  • I’m really glad that you’ve quit

    Cause in the past you’ve smoked some sh**

    Smelly Hair Hands and Breath

    Shorter Life but longer Death

    Up the hills you’ve got no puff

    Smokers cough that makes you rough

    So pass each day without the weed

    Cause only then will you succeed

    So Bravo to all that now don’t smoke

    Cause early Death is sure no Joke

  • Hey Chrissie

    I've just seen this, but I just wanted to say you are still my hero sweetheart. Just a blip that's all, no big thing.

    Big hug (have wine!)

  • Chrissie I think there was a slip up, your 7 months quit is really 8 months, so a very big Well Done to you, well deserved.


  • Hey Fairy 1

    Yes, I agree with Christine it was just a blip.

    As Jackie said WELL DONE on 8 months.

    Fairy Power to ya

    Tinks (fairy 2) xx

  • I WANT THAT CAKE!! *stamps feet*

    Don't you ever be ashamed of yourself, you here me. You are doing great - you really are.

    If I here you talk like that again I think I'll have to come and give you a slap with my wand :D

    You are doing just fine & I'm proud.

    Tinks xx

  • Missed this one, as I seem to do many! Well done to you, 7 months is awesome!!

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