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Secret smokers...OMG!

Hiya all,

We were talking about giving up smoking at work the other day (I had to stop the convo in the end as it was making me want to smoke...funny that). Well it only turns out that one of my friends (who was always telling me to quit...on my back etc), well she smokes the odd fag when she goes home at night. You see her husband smokes quite a lot (30 fags a day) and she has a fag from him "to relax". She doesn't see herself as a smoker though...but in my book she is. Only having 1-2 fags a day still makes you a smoker in my eyes. I wonder if she craves for those odd fags ALL through the Alan Karr says, or she doesn't think about them at all. Anyway, I was so shocked as she is so opinionated about smoking...I just wondered how many other secret smokers there are???? And finding out about that, kinda pissed me off, cos she never held back on her thoughts about "truly addicted smokers". The amount of times she told me I stunk etc. :mad:. Anyway, a bit of Monty Python for you all...+ an added Lisa line;)

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat....know what I mean, know what I mean?

And no-ones as a smoker!!!!

Have a good weekend, Lisa X

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Hey Lisa how very annoying of your friend! I agree with you two cigs a day is a smoker, in fact even one puff is a smoker, you know our motto - not even one puff - lol I'm smiling here - I'm reminding myself of those ex-smoker types - you know the sort who are so critical of smokers!!!! :eek: pssssttt think I'm one of em already!!!! ;)


Hi Lisa :D

What a thing for a friend to do to you preach at you for smoking when all the while she's smoking albeit just one or two a day [she says] dshe is still a smoker

At least you had the guts not to hide it from people does she some how think this makes it alright

This sort of thing makes me so angry as it's not necessary to hide it at all


Marg xx


Well done to you and shame on that girl for her remarks. I think maybe she smokes more than she says and yes she is a smoker. I am sure you will know of people who put others down for doing something which they turn out to be doing themselves, it's how they hide from the truth.



How annoying she must be. She is just a pretend non-smoker. You could take delight in letting her know that you can smell smoke on her. As long as you stay strong and know how well you have done and that you really are a non-smoker.


Aoohh, that person has hangups.

Yep, she's a smoker.

My wife has four a day. But, she's still a smoker. She doesn't crave them. She didn't smoke for ten years during births etc. Then she smoked again. But, she wouldn't go around criticising people for smoking - that would make her wierd. Your work 'friend' is wierd. I don't envy you having to be near her.


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