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Windy Miller

Slightly delicate subject here, but has anyone had really bad wind as a result of quitting?

I've not been too bad, but my OH is unbearable. We have now suffered 10 days of the most pungent and noisy gusts. He's usually the sort of man to own his f***ts with pride, but even he is embarrassed. It is now at the point where the dog is hiding to avoid the malodorous stench.:eek:

Has anyone found a cure for this aawful sympton, please, before my marriage dies on its backside.


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I know its not funny but your post did make me chuckle, I've been having the exact same symptoms, I'm using nicorette lozenges and it is described as a side effect.

To be honest I'm heading into week 5 now and it seems to be settling down somewhat thank goodness!!

I know it doesn't really help but it has to be better than stinking of smokes!!

Hand in there I'm sure it will pass :)


Don't know how to post a link to another thread, but look up "Normal or not" in general, there is lots of info there!


Hey Lily. Are you sure its not a change of diet? Gum, peanuts, crisps, all of that lot? Just a thought. That said, I have read that stopping smoking does affect the digestive system in many people, should pass as body gets to normal. (sorry, couldn't help one pun).


Mega Wind

Hiya Lily,

When I've tried to quit before, I substituted sweetners in my tea to stop me putting on weight, drank diet coke (loaded with sweetners) and chewed sugar free gum, with guess what sweetners in them. Because my system was overloaded with sweetners it gave me the most terrible, smelly f**ts and gave me an upset stomach. My dad repported the very same thing when he quit a few years ago. Just a thought. Lisa X


Hi Lily :D

Ohhhhhh dear I know I shouldn't have but had to laugh at this :D:D

This is normal for a lot of quitters but it will stop soon OK it settles down and life will go back to normal


Marg xx


It's also meant to be one of the possible side effects of Champix.



Thanks for all your replies. The OH has quit cold turkey so no lozenges, gum etc to blame the weather on.

Also, we've pondered the diet thing and he really isn't eating any different stuff - just more of the same. That might be the problem - he has a liking for beer, curries, kebabs and the like (classy bloke). Maybe his digestive system has just woken up to the dreadful input and is protesting (loudly).:eek:

I live in hope that this clears up. Good job they don't measure methane levels as well as carbon monoxide at the check up - mine would be sky high!!


Life's a blast

Hiya Lily, you can't light up now, yo'd blow yourselves up. Hehe:)


Here you are Lily.

Old Mrs. Harris goes to the doctor with an embarrassing problem.

‘I pass wind all the time.’ she says. ‘It doesn’t smell, and it’s completely silent, but it’s rather uncomfortable.’

The doctor thinks for a minute, then gives her a prescription. ‘Try taking these pills for a week, and come back and see me next Thursday.’ he tells her.

The next week, an even more embarrassed Mrs. Harris marches in. ‘Doctor, I don’t know what was in those pills, but my problem is worse! My wind is as bad as ever, but now it stinks too!’

‘Calm down,’ says the doctor. ‘Now we’ve sorted out your sinuses, we’ll have a look at your hearing.’


:D:D:D Nice one Dav


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