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Day 6

Well Day 6 today ;) and going strong i do feel it is geting a lot better,i feel its more like the habit i have to break ,like having lunch then fag,geting up cup of tea and fag,so im geting used to changing the things i do and i do feel it is geting a bit easyer.

When my O/H upsets me i do feel like one, or he winds me up that is when i do feel like one, but sometimes i wounder to myself is he doing this so i do have a fag, but guess what i did crumble once before but this time noooooooooooooooooooo way will i .He still smokes he has to smoke outside with his son(24) thats there choice but it was my choice to pack up and have more money to pamper myself and get healthier.

How are you doing Dave? soon be our first week

everyone keep the good work up xx

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well done Kay.. from my experience in the past the first week was always the hardest.. my milestones were always 7 days, then 10 days, then 1 month. Your nearly though the first and hardest of the three.

have a great day 6 today and see you in the week 2 room in a couple of days!


Hi Kay :D

Almost a week that's great keep it going

It could well be that OH deliberately tries to wind you up to get you to smoke

Could be he's jealous of how well you're doing or just plain angry that you have stopped while he's still puffing away, but that's his choice


Marg xx


Hi all,

Good day so far, couple of moments of wanting one, but nothing like day 3. I'm sure I'm a late developer as far as the Champix side effects are concerned – now I'm feeling sick and a bit light-headed, and my sleeping habits have gone to pot. I don't mind – I've got to day 6 without them!

People at work are starting to find out I've quit.Some coming over and saying "well done" and "stick with it". I won't let this pressurise me – I've quit for me, not anyone else. I'm tired of smoking, didn't enjoy any part of it – feeling embarrassed when I was buying them (true – I was always ashamed when someone asked "are you a smoker?") and too hot or cold and embarrassed when I smoked them.

So – tomorrow is day 7, my first week in 40 years without a fag, scary and exciting.

Glad to read your post this morning Kay – really good to see you doing so well, all positive thinking


Hi Dave :D

Well done you day 6 that's great Sorry that you feel sick and light headed also that your sleep pattern has gone to pot just now but it will pass quickly just hang in there

It's good that people in work are noticing and giving you encouragement as well


Marg xx


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