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Herre agian :)

Hey guys,

I am back in month one, not one ciggarette, not one puf, barely any cravings still, soo happy to be free again, this time i am never going back, I competely forgot that I had quit bizarely, then looked at my quit counter on my computer and thought I should post that I am at 28 days again, also for anyone interested this time I have continued to lose about 1/2lb - 1lb a week! This is due to me giving up sugar simultaineously. I still crave sugar really badly, but never think of ciggies, strange huh!

Hope everyone is well and has a good day of not smoking.



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Hi Sachmo :D

Really pleased to hear that at 28 days you're feeling good this time with no craves at all




Hi Sachmo

Well done, me too, hello month 2


Fantastic with the quit again!!! Question for ya with the sugar quit though, all sugar? Even sugar in pre-made foods etc? Are you using sugar subs? Thanks ahead of time, I'm thinking about doing the same thing but I'm not that into cooking a lot. I cook a couple times a week but buy 2/3s of my food pre-made and a fair amount of the rest frozen. Yea I know not to healthy but I really don't like to cook.


Hiya Twiste

I am eating honey, maple syrup, dried fruits, and fruit so that is some sugar, I just avoid cane sugar, corn syrup and glucose sugar. I do do all my own cooking though, i recommend the book the raw energy bible by leslie kenton if you are looking for some really simple healthy recipes :)


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