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Week 7 - Smiling

After a really tough week 5 and 6, I have reached week 7 and I think the worst of the grumpyness and moodswings has gone. I am no longer finding my lovely bf irritating or screaming at my customers lol

I still have a dry mouth quite a lot, and I am still not...erm....regular but I can deal with that for now.

I just want to say to anyone else finding that their personality has been zapped away and replaced by cruella de ville, that it is very temporary and you will soon have the spring back in your step, only you will be able to step away and away and away without getting wheezy and out of breath, or be smelly, or have wasted loads of $$$ - it is well worth the wait

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Well done on week 7!! Fantastic :)

So glad you posted, This past week (week 5) I have been feeling really ratty and irratated by anything and anyone, with my husband suffering the brunt, the kids a close second and everyone else gets the rest of my mood.

Up until now I have been in high spirits, but this past week I have been unbearable, Not sure of why even? I am not desperate for a cigarette and hardly thinking of them?

I spoke to the nurse at the smoking clinic and she said that it may be down to the fact that I am using Champix and because I am not sleeping very well it may be catching up with me and I am just tired and irratable, Its one theory?

Are using Champix Kevhalluk?, anyway, thanks for posting and glad to read that their may be light at week 7!

Well done on your quit too, you are doing really well :)

Fay x


Hi Kev :D

7 weeks is great well done

Glad it's starting to get better for you and it gets even better the further you go Promise


This is not all down to the champix it is normal to have these mood swings eatly on in a quit but it passes

Keep going both of you it just gets better all the time the further you go


Marg xx


Well done on getting to week 7.. you've definitely found a calm place in your quit now, and aint it great!!!!!!!!!

You're bound to feel the odd day though where its maybe not so much, but on the whole, you'll like most of the process of quitting now.

Well done, you've got this bit done n dusted :)


KevHall - well done on getting through it and into week 7.

I am just behind you and seem to be experiencing the same type of unbalance in my moods - had a cr*p weekend - but like you am going to battle it through.

Well done again!


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