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More fantastic info from why quit

You want a cigarette: Do I? What do I want? Specifically? What about the cigarette do I crave? Okay, fine. Maybe I want the "ahhh" feeling. But, wait, I'm through withdrawal. The first cigarette won't even give me the "ahhh" feeling anymore, because the "ahhh" feeling came from nicotine's ability to stave off the early withdrawal I felt after not smoking for 30 minutes or an hour. Now that I'm no longer in withdrawal, I'll only get dizzy and sickly from the first one, and that first one will be followed by the next one and the next one as I search for the "ahhh" feeling, and long before I ever get the "ahh" feeling, I'll realize I'm hooked again. Heck, I'll realize it after the first one.

To see the rest of the article go here

Good to know that if you do give in because of searching for that relief feeling it no longer exists, once you're no longer addicted to nicotine.

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Very useful, and deserves to be bumped a few times to make sure everybody sees it.

Thanks for that.


I read all of that MAH.. what an excellent post that chap sat down and wrote there, i would say anyone should read that no matter what stage of their quit they are at. more reading never harms.. and you won't waste your time reading that linked post.


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