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No Smoking Day
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Never got this far before!

Hi all,

can't believe I'm nearly at the end of day four! Today was really tough, seemed to be unable to think of anything but smoking. I'd had a pretty easy few days so it was a bit of a shock especially when you always hear that the first three days are the worst. Thankfully a lot of day four posts warned me it could be tough so it's been deep breaths, lots of water and a few tears to make it through, roll on tomorrow!

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Hi Coops :D

You're doing just fine on day 4 well done you

Sorry today wa shard for you but tomorrow will be better




Keep on trying. I find that saying to myself every morning "I'm not going to smoke today" it makes it easier to take. One day at a time.


As i suffered hard on my day 4 with irrational moods, i can relate to this. Sometimes it does trail on a bit further towards the end of your first week, but look at it this way.. considering what you are going to gain, its worth going through these initial days, to get back what has been utterly robbed from you by nicotine over the years.

If you have to be the moodiest most erratic person in the world for say the next day or so.. compared to the feeling of well being you get once your through it, its worth the lot. Bring it on!!

Hang in there.. many will tell you this, but mostly because they've seen the other side of it, and its so much better.



congratulations Coops - these first days are tough to get through but it sounds like you are doing it.

whatever it takes has become my motto on it.

hang in there :)


Cheers guys

Only a couple of hours and I've got day 4 licked! Took the dog out in the pouring rain to take my mind off it, reminded me of all the times I've stood in the wind and rain trying to light a soggy cig, I must have been mad. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Thanks for all the encouragement, you give me cofidence that I can do this.


well done coop, you done well 4 days almost gone, Very proud of you :)


Good going Coops....Congrats you are doing well, its only going to get better:D


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