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No Smoking Day
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day 19 feel bit of wonder

hi all today, was in work till 8pm, i kind of felt bit deprived today , not proud or pleased with day 19 just deprived & depressed. I was glaring at the smokers out the canteen at work (allen carr suggests you observe smokers).. to be honest they all looked happy & enjoying it!! & i thought HUH so much for that advice, so i munched on my salad & chips covered in mayo & thought wotever & you know the only thing that actually made me smile was that i thought how much money they were wasting.. & That was what lifted me up & feel fine tonight.. anyway i have done 19 days almost & i should be prouder then anything . But im not? maybe im getting more used to not smoking that i dont feel ive got anything to be proud of? (hopefully coz that means i am getting their)... god i dont know i have loads of stupid thoughts lately its just the figuring me head out bit thats confusing lol

anyway im still on patches, i will complete the whole course... im determined to do this & to be nicotine free in just over 9 weeks xx then i think i will celebrate coz for me personally nicotine as always been around x

anyway thanks for listening x

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Hi KitKat :D

Well done on day 19 now day 20 that's great Big Hug for you

Sorry you had a down day yesterday but you got through it and that's what counts


Marg xxxxxxxx



Well done kitkat yes i know what you mean about the stupid thoughts and how confusing it can be in your head. Ive been having cigarette dreams for the last couple of days and thats driving me crazy and also sometimes i feel the more i get away from my quit date the more tempted i feel to smoke because it feels like a long time since i had that last cigarette but really its only been 3 weeks grrr i just keep telling myself im missing something thats just not real. The head thoughts can be worse than the craves at times. But well done in getting to where you are...I look over my shoulder just to check your still their:D. You should feel proud of youself everyday because your doing great.looking forward to you joining the 1 month place with me quit buddy

lee x


Hi KitKat and Lee :D

Have a read of this it might help with the head thoughts thing you'll have to scroll down a fair way but there's a bit about the psychological bit that will help get your head set right



Marg xxxxxxxxx


hi ace, thanks for that feel better i am not alone in the feeling part because i do feel exactly like that..the only thing i know is like you know too it is all in the mind coz from previous quit like yourself you now that if we had a fag right now it would be the worse thing in the world for us to do, it would taste awful & i would feel awful & we would so wish to have carried on the quit..so here we are into another day & you know what we are doing something amazing.. keep on right path i will follow you on it x

hi marg thanks for being here & keeping us going, ill read link now.. thank you x


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