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Negativity Don't let it get you down

Good Morning

I have been reading a lot of negative threads lately and wondered why it has to be like that on a forum like this!

It doesn't matter which way we choose to stop/quit smoking we are all individual and unique I hope. If we choose NRT or Champix, Hypnotherapy Cold Turkey ect and it works for that individual good for them and their method. We should be giving positive threads and being there for them, not saying one way or another is the best way it's up to the individual to find their best way and not to preach to others what is the best way.

I'm sorry for having a rant but I know some people are getting a lot of negativity from some of the posts.

Good luck to all keep going on what ever method you are using.

Try not to let negative threads spoil the positive threads



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Hi Dolly

I think these threads get to lots of people, I personally don't read them. I have always been encouraged on here by everyone saying it doesn't matter how you get stopped as long as you do. I had patches to begin with and with the knowledge I gained here I was able to come off them knowing how I would feel. I then had the encouragement from the forum to stay stopped.

You are doing so well having finished 3 months.

Good luck



Brilliant Post

Again, Well said DD, I have not been on forum for a few weeks because of the things u have mentioned in you thread, but am feeling a lot more positive seeing more posts like yours. I quit on patches and am still on them but on lower strength now, On day 75 I think, so doing really well and very pleased, even losing count of days ha ha.....

Congatulations on your quit and everybody else doing so well on this fantastic forum.......:p


Hi Dolly :D

Well said it doesn't matter at all how anyone quits what works for some may not work for others as we're all different

At the end of the day it only matters that we quit and stay quit


Marg xxxxxxx


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