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3rd Week & Counting

After my Gripe yesterday , i had a good think about the pros' and cons ...well there are no bad points cept my grumpiness ( The wife says im no more than usual ) LOL:D , I must admit my breathing is a whole lot better plus i can taste my food a lot better the biggest difference ive noticed though is when i walked into Tesco and could smell the Fresh Flowers , i was pleasantly surprised then i got to the doorway and could smell the fag smoke ...... Yuk another thing i noticed too was when the kids came back from their grandmas they reeked of fags.. is this what i used to stink of ? i often think just 1 drag but then would that lead to another then another then a full cig then the pack and so on after being such a heavy smoker for so long this is the longest ive ever been quit so heres to the next week ( The Month Goal ) my advice is never give up giving up , thats all from me for today its time for the Wii Fit :D:D:D

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Hi Fozz :D

On week three now well done

So you had a gripe yesterday, you're entitled to the odd one now and then after all

As you say there is no good reason to smoke and plenty of bad ones

You're noticing the benefits of stopping already and it will only get better

I'm sorry but yes you did used to reek of fags, we all did yuk:eek: and you're right just one puff can set us back on the road to hell again


Marg xxxxxxxx


just one puff is all it takes

to be back at the beginning..

Fozz i couldn't agree with you more.. its just not worth it..


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