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a few thoughts on nicotine dudes......please read if ur not goin cold turkey-

i was leaven my mother's house today and i had my nicorette inhalator in my mouth-

a guy i used to work with passed at that very moment and said- "i c ur off the cigs john-how's it goin" great i told him and he mentioned his brother who also used th inhalator-thats how he knew i'd stopped-

i use th inhalator as a comfort thing-th same capsule has been in it for 2or3 days now-INSIDE EACH CAPSULE THER'S THE EQUIVALENT TO 10 CIGS' WORTH OF NICOTINE-it says on th box to use between 7 and 12 capsules each day-THATS THE SAME AS 120 CIGS!!!!!!!!his brother was usin that much each day-its only a matter of time b4 he starts smokn agai:mad:n

i have the equivalent of 330 cigs' worth of nicotine in front of me-they r now gettin thrown in the bin!:D

anyone usin any kind of nicotine replacement stuff (patches,gum,inhalator,ANYTHING!) needs to look at how much nicotine is entering their bodies-IF U DONT REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF NICOTINE THAT U CONSUME THEN U WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP SMOKING

the 12 week program for usin patches is way too long-bibleblack has a method for comfortably cutting down nicotine intake over a 3 week period-smoking is not a habit that takes 12 weeks to stop-this program is designed to acheive maximum cash with the maximum opportunity to fail so that lots of users keep reusing-

i was a heavy smoker and am now on day 8-i started on 21 mg patches and am presently on 10mg patch and ther is very little craving-I HAV HAD NO SERIOUS PULL MY HAIR OUT CRAVES AT ALL- over th next two weeks i know i'll b nicotine free and wont have to go from 45 cigs to zero in one day-that would not work for me-and everyone around me-

as i said-look at ur nicotine intake-watever u do do less !

i was a hopeless case who now doesnt smoke-u'll b able to get free too dude-

check out then download "never take another puff"

u need to learn how ur brain works:)

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Hi John,

Very interesting post. I have also read Bible blacks posts, will go and see what it says on the patches, but worried about just stopping them suddenly when am doing so well???? Kaz :eek:


Hi John,

A well written post as with anything in life that you choose to undertake you should always read and understand as much about the process as possible, this information could help a lot of people with their quits well done mate.



I can't understand how the Inhalator would help anyway! My friend was on these at the beginning of her quit and, You are still getting Nicotine...and the hand to mouth movement that we are trying to get to grips with on our quit :confused: as to how this would help to quit?? this is just my opinion though.

And really?? THAT MUCH NICOTINE?? :eek: wow


My view has always been that NRT is a total waste of money.

My view has been confirmed by a recent medical report on the effectiveness of NRT.

In summary '98.4% - failed to achieve long-term sustained abstinence with NRT treatment'

(Source http://tobaccoan

So if you really want to spend more money than the equivalent of cigarettes on a therapy regime that is only 1.6% effective, and make the directors and shareholders of pharmaceutical companies extremely wealthy please feel free to continue.

Alternatively you may want to consider going cold turkey, last time I checked this cost absolutely nothing.


I have been quit for 3 Days, 13 hours, 7 minutes and 7 seconds (3 days). I have saved £14.67 by not smoking 70 cigarettes. I have saved 5 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 15/04/2009 00:30


different ways works

karen dont worry about it but my advice is cut down-be it the patches cut down each time-gradually work to zero-cut th size to suit ur needs-

if its 2mg gum bite off a quarter and spit it out-that will leave 1.5 mg-then break it in half u'll have 1mg-etc etc again work down to zero-

natallie ur dead rite-i intend to spend 3pound more-on NHS i can get a week supply of 21mg patches which i'll b cuttin down to suit me-we'r all different dude-cold turkey aint for me until i'v gradually workd it down-i'm great at pickin up addictions but not so great at losen them-3 pound more and i'm free for life-good luck wi ur cold turkey dude-it'll b an experience-i just aint brave enuff dude so i'm goin the long way round-meet u ther:cool:


example-7mg mutiplied by 7 patches =49mg cost 17.50

example-14mg mutiplied by 7 patches =98mg cost 17.50

eaxample-21mg mutiplied by 7patches =147mg cost 17.50

its a bit of a rip off-when i pointed this out to the pharmacist he lookd at me as if i just told him how to get to the moon without a spacerocket-and he agreed-

knowledge will help-but commonsense will outrun it everytime dudes:eek:


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