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40 days today

Hey guys, am on top of the world today, I cant believe its 40 days already... Had some bad times, but certainly getting easier.....

Beating the triggers better each day now. Still on patches, but working for me, so will carry on a little longer.....

Thanks for all your help and advice, would never be here without such fantastic support & help..... Kaz :)

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Nice one Kaz ... a very big well done indeed ;)


WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! well done Karen :D:D SOOOO proud of ya hun xxx

I feel all left out at the mo.... most of the MMQ were early March I'm always trailing behind in my little Milestones!! Oh well, I suppose the achieving them is more important that when!!

Well done again Karen!! ;)


Hi Kaz

Well done babes 40 days is great work and if the patches are working hun dont knock them. Onwards to the next 40 days.xxxxx


Mad March Quitters Whenever we arrived??

Ha ha thanks Slinky, U are a March quitter and thats what counts, Enjoy your achievements & congratulations on your good work so far.... Great to have such fanastic support from our strong team, and everybody else...

Thanks also Gaz :D


Hi Kaz :D

WOW 40 days although you have had some bad days I'm so pleased it's getting easier for you

Also beating off the triggers is great


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Woo Hoo Kaz,

Well done u

Come on the MMQ crew !!!!



Big Thanks

Thanks for all your support, nice knowing others are looking out for you... And a big well done to u all, no matter where u are in your quit...:D


Congratulation Kaz! Keep going!


well done! Thats a terrific achievement! You are doing brilliant and seem to be cementing why you quit with posting good advice of your own which I was told at the begining would help a quit. I found it worked. Its great to see so many mmqs coming through!


Hi Kaz,

Fantastic, and you've every right to feel chuffed on getting to 40 days.:D

Hi Slinky,

I quit only 3 days before you, so please don't feel left behind - we're practically at the same point:)

And it's the quit, not the date, that matters the most.



way to go kaz

you've sure climbed a high mountain

and one with a high degree of difficulty

claim your success

and OWN IT :cool::p:cool:


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