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can not belive it

hi all

went to see my spe******t to day,,and told him i have stoped smoking,,he looked at me so strange,and said why have you stoped smoking,,i was taken back with what he said,,not as much as what he said ,,but it was the way he said it,,i said i stoped cause i wanted a healty life,,he just said , o, right,,still trying to get my head round what he said..keep the faith tony keep :D:D:D

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the word spe******t did not print out ,dont no why tony


He probably smokes himself-just because they call themselves spe******t doesn;'t mean to say they live a sin free life!!!

a very good friend of mine is a G.P in leeds and she smokes like a bloody trooper!!!

Doesn't matter what people say-you know why you have stopped, and don't need 'spe******ts' to say well done

you're doing great tony xxxx


hi shabba,,makes you think if a doctor thinks like that ,, people will think its all right to smoke,,the mind boggles ,dont know why but since he said that i am thinking why bother to stop confused at this moment..need some reasurence,,trying to keep the faith tony :confused:


Hey come tone-you're stronger than that-just because some jumped up little'i know everything cos i have a degree spe******t' has said a fly-away comment changes nothing!!!

YOU could start again-and then see another spe******t down the line informing you, you have lung cancer, or heading for a heart attack-you know all this!!!!

stay strong-life is bloody great as a non smoker-get your mindset into gear!!!

Off to asda-hate food shopping!! stay strong great big cyber hug xx


tony go back to being possitive I love you like that. Dont know what it is with these drs etc look at what I was told......ignore him/her X and keep the faith and :).........;)


What a prize ejit that Dr is.

If you have doubts then make a list of the benefits of of quitting, you'll need a pen and a reasonably good sized sheet of paper. Now make a list of all the advantages of smoking, you'll only need a very small sheet of paper for that one. :D


cheers you lot,,i feel better now ,thanks to you on here,, i am back on track,,just needed a swift kick up the bum:D i will never smoke again, once again thank you all,,i will keep the faith tony and will allways keep :D:D:D


Hi Tony :D

Glad you've got your positive hat on again and back to the Tony we know and love HA HA

Bloody Dr's especially those that call themselves special.........sts, special at making people feel bad I reckon jumped up little farts that they are it's them as needs a kick up the jacksie Big Hug on it's way just for you

I went to my doc last week feet and legs swelling for no apparent reason was told it was because I'd quit when I asked what she was going to do about it she said oh it will right itself arghhhhhhhh anyway after an argy bargy got some water tablets problem solved

Glad you're back to keeping the faith and :D :D :D




cheers you lot,,i feel better now ,thanks to you on here,, i am back on track,,just needed a swift kick up the bum:D i will never smoke again, once again thank you all,,i will keep the faith tony and will allways keep :D:/QUOTE]

Hi Tony-glad to see you are back in the 'zone' and if ever you need a kick up the backside, by all means just ask! i'm particularly good at kicking people up the bum!!!!;)


Tony, Glad you are feeling better. Doctors can be so irritating - makes you wonder if they have forgotten how to be human! Had some that I would have loved to have slapped up the side of their pointed little heads, but not worth the consequences, lol! Keep smiling.


I heard once that they get a special bonus for every patient of theirs that they get to stop smoking. If thats still the case then he is probably just annoyed you did it on your own without his help !!!

The other answer is as stated before he is a smoker himself and resents anyone being able to achieve what he has not !!!

Keep the faith :D


hi can kick me up the back side any time ;)

i am 133 days still quit,,and still going strong,,at some time in our quit ,i think we all have a good moan,,wournder why we quit,,but then we realise its for ourselfs we do it for..know body else,,as we say in dublin,, top of the morning to you all ,,BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL,,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats feels a lot better ,just keep the faith tony keep :D:D:D


Hi Tony - you haven't quit smoking to please some jumped up arse of a doctor - you've quit for YOU and your family!

And you have given many more people on here a ton of inspiration.

Glad to hear you are still in a very positive frame of mind - have a little faith!


Just thought i'd butt in...the word spe******t didn't show because you all spelt it wrong. It's spelt specialtit. :cool:

lol that made me smile ;)


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