No Smoking Day
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Sunny days, sitting outside ...aaahh!

I have been feeling quite nostalgic today about sunny days and sitting on the patio with a bottle of wine and, of course, a ciggie or two.

I logged on here tonight to read through some of the stuff on whyquit etc and to read some positive posts!

I know I won't smoke again but I am a bit disappointed that I'm still finding the idea tempting at times. I have to say though, when hubby came and sat with me outside and sparked up a ciggie, I knew I really didn't want one - it smelt horrid.

I'll be glad when I get used to enjoying summer days without a ciggie!

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Hi Jerry Lee :D

Hasn't the sun beeb lovely the last few days

Sat outside for a while today and really warm

Don't worry about finding a fag tempting at times you know you won't do anything silly like lighting up and thats all that matters




I know what you mean about a nostalgic feeling, but remember it was the situation not the smoking which gave the pleasure.


Yup... I get those moments too but I have my little story I tell myself.... it was just the association between something that was actually fun and then add the cigarette. It is just the brainwashing..... don't ever fantasize about good ol times in the sun with a fag..... it's a lie and as long as you tell yourself you'll make the cig special which it is not! You are doing great!!! AND you smell good.... :D


my lovely lovely Jerry-lee

i'm glad to hear you had a lovely relaxing sunny day in the garden, i can relate to what you said about relaxing and thinking of smoking!!! i still do now-i know i will never have one, but it crosses my mind xxxx


Thanks everyone - I think I am fine once I get used to a situation without the ciggies, it's those first few times that are tough isn't it?!

But you are right - it is the situation, not the ciggie that is the pleasure. I must remind myself that!

I just had to keep telling the nico-demon to pi$$ off, especially as a smoking friend had called in earlier and left her nearly full packet of Marlboro lights on my kitchen table! I rang her to say to come and collect them or they will go on the fire - I didn't want them hanging around!

Funny that I'm never tempted by hubby's ciggies though - he smoked a different brand that I never really liked so they don't bother me.

Enjoy the sunshine and the clean healthy air everyone - I know I will! Thank goodness I don't need a ciggie in order for me to enjoy myself!

Nicki xx


Hi Jim :D

I agree with you hadn't missed a fag for weeks but yesterday went to do a bit of weeding and though oh a fag would be nice but still another trigger out of the way

Didn't do much weeding was knackered after 20mins but still thats more than I could do last year so must be getting there




Hi Nicki

two things ...

1) Sun and fags - just think of what the combined effects of them would be on the aging of your skin...

Good point! I was only thinking the other day how much better my skin looked since quitting. Am going to put some moisturiser SPF15 on now and then go out and do some more jobs in the garden - inspired by Marg's post - before mother comes over for her mother's day dinner!


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