No Smoking Day

1 day til I'm in week THREE !!

Day 14 today so tomorrow I will be in week 3 (as I'v not quite completed day 14 yet),

Not feeling so lousy and headache is much better.

I'm of for my first night out tonight with my work pals as I changed jobs last week and so it's my leaving meal. Most of my nurse colleagues actually smoke believe it or not, and I know already this is going to be very challenging, not because I want one and not because I fancy one at all, but it's back to that feeling I had last week at my new job when colleagues popped out for a fag and I felt abnormal and that I was missing out from being part of the group kind of thing.

I know it sounds almost mad considering I don't want a fag but the old cliche 'oh go on Dee one won't hurt' etc etc is something I have actually heard many times in the past when we used to niop to the fag corner (to other colleagues who had given up). I am confident I can have my meal and one glass of wine, 2 at the most, and not crave whatsoever but I'm not very good under pressure or saying no to anyone, it's one of my weaknesses and this is a concern for me.

I will post tomorrow in my week 3, my word how did I ever get here with such ease as well, Marg and Linda S you were my first 2 to welcome me and I can't believe I am able to actually still be part of the forum, it's excellent even if i say so myself.

Keep strong everyone else and keep going, I'l try to post some comments and encouragement on your posts but am playing for time a bit at present xx

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I'm of for my first night out tonight with my work pals

I will post tomorrow in my week 3

I've quoted 2 things from your post, make sure that when you have done the 1st you can do the 2nd and you will be fine ;)

Have a great time :D



thanks Nic

Nice to pick them out and quote, that's excellent...and yes I will be doing the 2nd, that's a surety regardless of what others say/think..........

Hope you're doing well too


Hi Dee Dee :D

two whole weeks completed that't great well done you also glad you're feeling better Enjoy your night out with the girls am not suorised about nurses smoking I was one and nurses are the worst culprits and Doctors as well whayever they would have you beleive so hope you won't feel left out but am sure you will be able to say with pride I don't smoke anymore thankyou

Will talk to you tomorrow my brand new week 3er




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