shiortness of breat

nic just read your,[this post ],,by colin,, am i going to die posted last sept,,,i have been feeling short of breat for 4 or 5 days..but on sunday i had to take an extra intake off breat most off the day,put in down to not smoking,,this morning i realey found it hard to catch my breat,,luckley i had to see my doctor at 9 30 about my arthritis,,said to my doc i never felt like this when i was smoking,it makes you went to go back to smoking,,she said why would you went to do that and looked at me and said,,in her words not mine,,its the s--t leaving your body,but to make sure everything is ok i will send you for an x ray to good hope hospital,had my x ray. have to wait 5 working days,,i am a bit worried at the moment because i was never short of breat in my life,,makes you think why we stop smoking when we get all of these bad side afects,,,need all off your resureance to why we dont smoke any more ,trying to keep the faith tony,,sorry i went on a bit

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  • Tony, fact is that you might be having a temporary symptom of quitting but if you carried on smoking and got emphysema that's not temporary!

    We quit and endure some nasty side effects as the alternative is way, way worse.



  • Hi Tony

    So sorry to hear that you are not feeling to great at the moment hun :( All i can add really is by smoking you are going to feel even worst.

    I think when ever we have problems relating to our breathing we immediately start to the think the worst but it quite often can be something very easily treated.

    Tony you have been inspirational on here and kept so many people going, you have to be strong hun and keep going, by giving in it would of all been for nothing.

    Thinking of you hun and truly hope you feel well soon.



  • Tony,

    Sounds to me like it could well be a symptom of quitting - but even if it is an illness of some description (I'm thinking chest infection, maybe), you are now in much better shape to fight it!

    I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but you did right to talk to a Doctor about it.

    We quit and endure some nasty side effects as the alternative is way, way worse.

    Quoted for truth.

    Keep the faith :D

  • Tony, I have had similar to the symptom you describe quite regularly for years while smoking, it was as if a normal breath didn't quite work and I had to try breathing deeply everytime, any time it happened it sent me into a kind of panic, feeling like I had to make myself breathe or I'd stop and also not getting deep breaths 'in' properly. I think a lot of it was panic from the first time it happened. Anyway you know that smoking is never going to improve your breathing :eek:

    Hope you get over this quickly and hopefully your x-ray will come back and re-assure you.

  • hi thank you all for your support,,i feel a lot better now.just realised i am 11 weeks in to my quit or 77 days :D ,,that makes me feel real goodddddd..what you all say does make good sences,,thank god for this fourm,i was tempted to smoke again,:o,,. but the hard work i did would have been such a waste of time,,i am back on track again and intend to stop there all the best, you all keep the faith:D

  • Sopleased your feeling more positive Tony and hope your xrays come back all clear really soon.xxxx

  • thank you linda,,i was just feeling a bit down in the dumps,,ok now keeping the faith tony

  • so pleased you are feeling more positive hun, you hang in there:)

    Hope they sort out what ever the breathing problem is for you soon.

    Take care



  • Hi Tony

    Sorry you were feeling rough and that i missed this yesterday but had a day out

    It sounds like it might be chest infection when i get one feel as if i can't breathe but good that you saw doctor at least she didn't fob you off and reach for prescription pad as so many do

    Glad you're feeling better now keep the faith tony onwards and upwards

    love margaretxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Tony. I think it's very significant that you weren't told anything when the x-ray was taken. If they had seen any serious I think you would have been told on the spot. I know that to be the case in many instances of serious lung disease. I'd be very optimistic given that nothing was said. I agree with the others that it's probably just a side effect of quitting.

    Please let us know when you get the results Tony. Be thinking of you.

    I've been told the very same by my G.P. - He's never known the "initial" look at the x-ray to miss anything serious however they need the radioligist (spelling?) to confirm everything's OK before they confirm officially.

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