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No Smoking Day
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Day 10! This is getting worse!

Hi guys - this forum is great, and has managed to drag me through to day 10 with no smoking.

However, I am now finding it really difficult. For the last two days I have had BAD depression and can't even motivate myself to get out of bed, my head is constantly buzzing, my face and hands are tingling, and my stomach is constantly in a knot. This is actually worse than week 1. Please can you let me know if this is normal? I thought it was supposed to get easier as you go along??? really looking forward to your advice xxxx p.s. sorry I sound like a miserable git

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Hi Dangermousette

There are a lot of people on this forumfar more able to offer good advice all I can do is encourage you to stay quit and assure you given time it does get easier.



chin up

giving up smoking effects every1 differently, but theres 1 thing i do know it does get better wether its the 2nd week or the third or so on, just look forward to that 1 evening in the future were you can turn round and say i went the whole day and completey forgot about smoking thats when you know your a non smoker.

myself i am up to day 12 feeling sweaty unmotivated, lost my voice and come down with a fever oh and i am dizzy. but i know this is my body saying that im almost through the barrier, it will get better and do please realise your not alone in this we can get through together.


Hi, DM, this is day 12 for me and I also think the second week has been more difficult. I think it may be because I was expecting it to be a breeze after the 1st week. As time goes on we encounter more and more circumstances where we would normally have lit up. In the first week a lot of them are sub-consciously avoided I think, but in the second week we get a bit more confident, then wham, the nicodemon hits us full in the face. Keep reading from the links given out at the bottom of posts. They are really helpful. Remember our minds and bodies had a long time adapting to our smoking habits, there are a lot of associations out there yet to be confronted, but day by day, we will confront them. Have a nice shower/bath, relish in how clean and nice you smell, put on some music and smile. Music and a good dance around the house is always a good tension release (unless i'm caught by the husband, LOL).


Aww....... thanks guys! It has REALLY helped me psychologically hearing that 1. it isn't abnormal feeling like this; and 2. other people are going through it as well (not that I would wish in on a enemy!).

I thought it must be me failing, but to hear that you are still on day 12 and battling with it makes it bearable. Right, I am going to get off my butt and walk my dog. I did contemplate putting on music and dancing as you suggested lozza, but my neighbours already think I am bonkers!


I know exactly what you mean, dangermousette, sourlink & lozza, week 2 is absolute rubbish... I'm getting much the same symptoms as you, day 9 and my concentration is all over the place, restless sleep, slight niggling headache. We should start a sub-group of the Monkey Bar-Stewards: Week 2 Depression Club... Was having a good chinwag in the pub with my sister about smoking, had to ask if we could talk about something else cos it was getting me down and forcing those cravings to the surface...

On the plus side though, taste and smell are improving day by day, and I've noticed my hands and cheeks look healthier, better complexion all round.

Let's all put on some music and have a dance, that's the task for today :p Hope you lot feel better soon, KEEP THE FAITH!!


Chuddy, task completed, DM put on some headphones and enjoy, forget the neighbours!


LOL! it works. Feeling better than I did this morning (well until i just discovered my car won't start!) grrrrr.

Where's the headphones?!


Hi DM, you'll smell nicer without them nasty cigs, did you take your walk?

keep busy hun.

you should be proud to be a non smoker, WELL DONE:)



Sorry only just found this post

No need to apologise

I am sorry you feel depressed but this is perfectly normal

I promise you it does get better just hang in there

As for the head buzzing,face and hands tingling I had my feet tingling as well

was worried and went to doctor she assured me this was just one more sympton of the body healing she said it would go as the body got used to me not smoking she was right haven't had it for a while now

Hope you are feeling better now keep the faith

Love Margaretxxxxxxxx


Hello Margaret,

Aww, you numpty - you do what I do and reply to emails a week late!! ;)

I am now on day 18 but coincidentally having a bit of a 'nicodemon day' - the cravings have gone funny - they have turned into small but intense cravings that occur quite frequently, rather than long, insistent and stomach churning yearnings.

so your email really helped me after all...... you star!

Thanks me dear

DM x



You are very welcome glad to be of help

just hang in there



hi dm,, listen to margaret she is the oldest quiter on here,or as they say,the oldest swinger in town :D:D ha ha ha lol tony


hi dm,, listen to margaret she is the oldest quiter on here,or as they say,the oldest swinger in town ha ha ha lol tony

Hey! That's my Mum you're talking about! :eek:




but we all love her,,and you of course stu:D


Hi Tony

I may be the oldest quitter on hear but you wait till we get to the penthouse to find out if i can swing with the best of you ha ha :D :D

but good to know you all love me and stu :D

I love you all to



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