No Smoking Day

100 hours smoke free

actually its more like 105 hours now, if you look at it that way its a real achievement seeing that as a smoker it was hard to see out the hour without a fag. its the big 5 days and unfortunatly iv been feeling under the weather, im all flemmy and feeling so poor, which is good in a sence because it makes me want a smoke less. But anyway looking forward to the big 1000 hours without a fag seeing it that was helps me cope :rolleyes:

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Well Done 100 hours that means all the nicotine is gone Lovely. Almost one whole week things should start to get much easyer now. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nice one!!!!

Yes a great achievement, and will be great to hit the 100 hour mark. Soon you'll be looking at it in months rather than hours, but none the less I've just multiplied it out and I reckon I'll hit the 5000 hours quit in about 3 weeks!!

Mind you have every intention of hitting 100 months smoke free to.:D


Good job sourlink, you're rid of that nicotine and can now bask in that sense of achievement there :)

Re: the feeling under the weather - remember, no pain, no gain, take the rough with the smooth, a nod's as a good as a wink to a blind bat (don't know how that's relelvant lol) and all that! Well done so far!


Well done hun, fab achievement 100 hours.

Keep it up :)




100 hours - well done! It's mad really isn't it to think that, as a smoker, the thought of a 2 hr flight to spain would send me panicking!!

I have just gone over 400 hours without smoking!!!


Good for you sourlink!

Just don't count by the hour, it'll drive ya crazy mate!

I got to 10 hours and ran out of fingers :rolleyes:

Keep it going! :D


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