No Smoking Day

Hello & Happy New Year!


Well it's been a long time since I've been on here cos it's been chaos. I went to the memorial service for the collegue on the Tuesday before Christmas then drove down to my parents on Christmas Eve.

Got back to Edinburgh on Monday, went back to work Tuesday & finaly caught up with life at the weekend, phew!

Well Christmas with the family of smokers was interesting - I think my baby sister is the weakest link and I'm going after her in the New Year to see if we can get some strength in numbers.

So whats the progress - I've been thinking about this......I hit the 10 week mark on Saturday and three months is the 18th of Jan. I returned to work on full time hours today & so that is the last part of my recovery. I am still shattered but that is to be expected apparently.

If I get through this week I'm hoping I can start returning to the gym next week.

Re the smoking, I don't think about it every day now, I so wish it was like a diet where you could just say "s*d it" and have a cake now and then, but I have to accept that nicoteen is a drug. I didn't have any reprocussions from the one I had after a night out - for the curious out there, for me it was the same. I didn't feel a huge amount after I had smoked it, it left me feeling neither here nor there to be honest. Didn't make me feel better or worse & for that reason I didn't have another one. Despite the appauling post I put up I wasn't that drunk and I could ****yse - if it had felt all warm & fuzzy nice I may just have continued, but I didn't even get that much of a hit off it.

The reckless part of me says "try it if you are unsure" but I think that is because I am confident it's not going to do anything for me......I am not advocating to other people to see what one will do, but for me it was the right thing to do (a bit rambly that bit but I hope you get the idea!)

Hope everyone else is okay - I see quite a few new names about so I'll go have a look whats going on.

Special mention to Linda - Thanks for noticing XX

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Hi There F2Q

Well done for staying clean, glad to hear it!

Hope 2009 is a better year for you, health wise ;)

Best wishes



Hi F"Q

So pleased to have you back and glad you had a good christmas 7 new year. !0 weeks well done. xxxxx



Drunken mess is under month 2 - "Help - Drink Attack" not proud of it, but it may have the effect of warning others :o

I'm glad I had my one smoke, but it is roulette you are playing - you have to be sure you are quit in your head.

I've played the odds all my life so find it quite exhilerating I'm afraid - some people are just like that. Someone somewhere else I've just read said would you play Russian Roulette - actually probably yes where I'm concerned. I get bored playing by the rules all the time ;)

Linda, its good to see you are still here too. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.


Welcome back, and glad to hear the quit is going so well - and that you're feeling better :D


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