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finnished the Alan Carr Book!!!!-REBORN

Bought it this morning and just finnished it! couldnt put it down-i feel relieved! its just dawned on me where i was going wrong!!

I have decided that i am not going to use NRTs' tomorrow, i have realised that i have stopped the habit after 3 months of freedom but not stopped the addition to the nicotine-thanks to the gum-so here we go stage 2 of my escape from the trap of my addiction-i want to bannish the nicotine from my system!

tomorrow is the day of my TOTAL freedom!!! :)

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shabba68..i went c/t..and found thats the best way to quit..hardest part was getting to the magic 72 hours..and in between this fourm..we will help you all we can..some good advice on here..allan carr book is such a good book to read.. shabb if you have any craves read the book again,, i did,,, still do some keep the faith all the best tony


Well done Shabba,

You are doing so well - and u should be really proud of ur progress. Personally, I choose the NRT method because I find it easier - I'm only using 3-4 pieces of gum a day which is good. Well that is what I have used today coz it's day 1!!

Day 2 2moro!!:D:D:D

Keep it up :)


Nice one,

When the penny drops its such a revelation!!

Best wishes for tomorrow!



Maybe I should read it again 3rd time lucky. xxxx


To be honest Linda it didn't click fully for me, but I found it to be a useful way to reinforce my resolve. But equally reading stuff on I found to be a bit more useful.

I must say that actually telling yourself, no you don't really want a smoke, has probably been the most useful thing, so long as the men in white coats don't come to cart me off I'll keep talking to myself whenever I need to!!!!




Well done shabba you should find your quit a whole lot easier from here on in.




I went through the same thing, but much earlier in my quit, I finally figured it out.

Good for you, and once clean and free from the mild physical symptoms.... it's all about choice... you just made it, and very well done to you!

I'm delighted for you :D


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