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No Smoking Day
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Another thing I noticed

Was back at my parents this weekend as we had football tickets again.

My Mum cannot actually breath properly - how long this has been happening and to what degree I have no idea.....

Why haven't I noticed before? Did I just block it out whilst I was smoking?

Also she doesn't smoke half the fags she lights - they are burning away in ashtrays all over the house......

Was very funny when sister, her other half, Mum & my other half were all at the back door. They've had such a scare with me I am officially a "smoke free zone" :D :D

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It's so sad when we see what we do to ourselves ...My son smokes and is far from in the mood to stop. It takes many of us years to get to that point.

Best of luck with it...maybe some of your family will get the bug to stop too!



Hi Bill,

The shock is that she's not got fed up sooner than her daughter. I could kind of understand it the other way round - you tend to feel invincable when you are younger but these things creep up on you later on.

She's already got type two diabetes from being overweight but does not want to help herself.


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