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lovin the milestones!

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The great thing about staying quit is you get to move to the next forum, which in itself seems like quite the accomplishment!

Yuppers... completed 3 months going into my fourth month today! What a great feeling!

These days, I've been feeling very good. My life seems to have balanced out now. I feel like the gaps where I once would smoke a cigarette are no longer empty and the doors to those black holes have been closed.

Yes, it does get easier. Yes, it does.

Of course there is the occasional thought of having a smoke.. but, it passes, just like when a memory passes through...

Let go of the ol'friend and allow it to become a memory... knowing that once upon a time it was a big part of your life.... now.. it's just part of your past!

Keep it up everyone... the road ahead is not as long as you may think at the beginning. Just hang in there and pull yourself through the other side.


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hi sylvia, nice post, it's really good that people like yourself are finding it getting easier, and it is also really good to see that using the forum still helps as the quit progresses, one of my big fears is caving in after 3-4 months so i am going to have to be on this forum a loooong time :D

i like the idea of smoking becoming a memory, unlike some i feel no bitterness towards tobacco (i chose to smoke after all, knowing the risks), but it will become just something i used to do a long time ago, now almost forgotton!

anyway, big big congrats on reaching this milestone!!!

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Yep it gets like that, a smoker is something that I used to be some time ago. Its really quite alien to me now and when I'm in the presence of others its quite satisfying to know that I've broken free and taken control.

I too like to check quit meter every so often to see my milestones, but generally now I look back to see what ones I've missed rather than forward to see what's coming up.

Thats spot on that Nic.

I don't watch my calendar any more... in the first days you look at all the hours, in teh first weeks you look at all the days as milestones, but very soon, your just notching up months. Then along comes the 5-6 month bit and i don't quite know what happens really around that time, but its like you get a second wind and you really gain alot of momentum and positivity and the time moving slowly in the first months suddenly goes into novadrive, and you wondering where on earth the months are going.

Enjoy your quit, you've earned this. keep going to see just how much better is gets even from where you are now :) I recommend it to anyone.


I'm still tracking my milestones.. or rather quitcounter is doing it for me. Today's milestone is 3500 cigs NOT smoked.

Also i'm 7 days shy of being four months quit. I'm looking forward to that milestone.

Thank you to all for your wonderful support and the outlook for the future!

It's really comforting to know there are so many people out there willing to help each other.

I am proud to be a part of this forum.

Thanks again everyone!


100 days today!

Ok Ok... no more counting for a couple months after this!!!

100 days today! It feels even better to get here!

Keep it up everyone!!


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