No Smoking Day

1 month today

Hi all

One full calender month today (can you tell I'm counting?) And FayRay is one month today too......

It's been bloody hard sometimes, the 'missing something' feeling p1sses me off as thought it would get better.

Moody cow from hell wondering whether I was always like this anyway and just using stopping smoking for a reason :rolleyes:

Am proud though that despite a huge heap of shit being dropped on me from a great height a couple of weeks ago I didn't cave. Have NEVER felt so close to smoking before or since!!

Well, still need to look for a job but at least off on hols friday :)

Thanks for listening


Money saved: £ 187.50

Days added to life: 5.7

Days as an ex-smoker: 30

Cigarettes not smoked: 750

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well done Jane + Fay

your both doing really well :D


Well done you two your doing great the time has gone so fast. One month in thats Fab. Linda xxxxxxxxxx



Great news!

Jane and Fey...Keep going until there's no light at the end of the tunnel...just the daylight shining down!


Bill X


Yey 1 Month!!

Thank you for remembering! and for all your support, Hopethistime and all the others who quit around this time have done fantastically well too! :D

This is the first time I have tried to quit and I can't belive I haven't had a cigarette for a whole month! I am still thinking about the evil weed 24/7 and the last week has not been too good for me and I am not going to lie and say I have found it easy because I haven't, I have no intention of ever having a cigarette ever again, but somehow, I argue you with myself day in and day out that a cigarette would "cheer" me up and knowing full well it wouldn't!

Anyway, thanks for all your good wishes,

And well done to everyone else on there successes! xxxxxxxxxxxx


Congratulations to you all. A month is a major achievment, big cheer to both of you.

I can still have my ratty minutes, usually my daughter cops it in the morning getting ready for school, but am buying them a wii soon with all the money that I have saved so she doesn't seem to mind that much!!!

Everyone who has given up this awful drug deserves a massive cheer as for me its definately been the hardest thing I have ever done.

Enjoy your holiday Jane, you deserve it.


Well done Hope and FayRay.

Good to hear your both doing well. One month felt like a real achievment to me after failing around about the 3rd week so often. So congrats on getting past that barrier!


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