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1 month today

Hi there, 1 month today - has gone quickly I feel, even though at times time can stand still.

Have been on Champix and it does make it so much easier than CT.

Still do get the urges don't get me wrong but can withstand them.

Actually get more urges now than I did in week 2 for instance, wonder why that it ? Anyone else had the same experiences ?

I think what happens is you forget how sh_t you felt on the cigarettes and it becomes a fantasy about how good having one would be...

I feel so healthy and am now not only walking every day but jogging !

I don't know quite how to explain it but my lungs feel like they have their elasticity back and I feel lighter on my feet when I walk...:o

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Congrats, gstar :) So glad so many of us February quitters are still here!! I feel the same way but as before the urge used to almost make me drive to the gas station to buy smokes, I feel I now have the upper hand...... I think about em still tons but it is different, isn't it?!! And I am sure we romantacise em and we shouldn't..... don't want to get sucked back in personally.... I know if I started to again, I would be smokin for years before I got the guts up to quit again.... so no choice but keep moving forward. 1 month less to the penthouse..... lets keep going and see what happens:)


Hi Gstar :D :D

Oh Boy one month already that's great I know what you mean about your lungs I feel exactly the same I used to puff and pant not to mention wheeze when I had to hurry it was awful and I got exhausted very easily but not anymore

Congratulations on your first month just keep going onwards and upwards

Love Marg


Another one! Its brilliant! I hit a brick wall for the whole of week three on and off. It was really hard work and made me upset. I could not face smoking again, in my mind that would be it, but, i did not want to be a smoker. A few people here mentioned the '3' thing. 3 days 3 weeks 3 months......! Well done on the months quit!!! xx


Well done

Hi Gstar,

Congratulations and well done on your 1st month :D

I have a wee bit to go. I will be starting my 4th week on Tuesday

(woooooooohooooooooo ST PATRICKS DAY) :D

not too sure were I will go .... when I am past week 3 and not yet at the month mark..:confused:

I'm sure I'll figure it out :cool:

All the very best to you.




Congrats its great to be counting in months isn't it.


Excellent news.

I am in Wk 3 but felt rather good today because I didnt know how many days I hadnt been smoking for. I found by counting the days time was dragging so I am now counting in weeks!

Hope to join the 1 monthers in 12 days time!!


I tend to agree with that, I'm at the stage where days mean nothing, and I'm now working on parts of the year.

Half a year was loads more significant to me than 7 months for example.

All the best



Well done gstar. One full month is great, on my 18th day here, and I hope I never catch up to you. David


Well done 1 month yippee!!!!


Really appreciate your support and kind words - this is what the human spirit is all about at it's best - supporting one another !

Let's not make any mistake here guys, supporting people on here is saving lives - that's no over-statement...


I couldn't agree more Gstar




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