No Smoking Day
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Hi Team

afternoon all.

how are things going on the smoking front, nice to see so many doing well,

went to shop this morning and this man was smoking one after the other,

i said to my other haif. I WAS LIKE THAT, but not any more. i would never

look down at smoker because thats what we was. but how nice its feels

being smoke-free, :) still got bit of pain after having tooth out. but how

please i feel now it over, and you been so good with your help, THANKS;)

going to try and eat something now, take care all


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Hi alan how are you feeling now? well done staying smoke free after all you have been through Jimbo


Thanks Jimbo.

feel a bit better this afternoon. got some pain but just happy its all over and

done with now. how is the eating going. slow down yet, i got the same thing

but by having this tooth out. im finding it hard eating. can't have everything.

keep up the good work mate.;) be back later



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