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No Smoking Day
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were are you

hi everyone,

were are the team from d-day. hope your still with us, let me know how you

are doing. nice to see so many new one coming on here, this is the place if

you need help to Quit, everyone on here. [and my d-day team] are the one

to help,:) its never easy giving-up something we love doing. but also we

know how bad it is to us. so everyone who is giving-up. keep going. we are

here to help as much as we can. you will feel a lot better after a few days,

good luck to you all. so far i been Quit for 1 month,4 days,

be nice to hear from you, take care all,


Quit on 12/3/08

smoke 35 + a day

been Quit for 1 month. 4 days. 18mins

saved on 1,252 cigs

money saved, 335. 10p

life saved, 4 days, 8 hours, 20 mins

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Hi Alan

I`m still here, just busy going out with my Grandson while the sun is out.

Were well on our way, week 7 next week.

Glad to hear from you and that all is going good.

Barb x


Hi bara,

nice your enjoying the day with your grandson, enjoy befor they grow up too

fast, good you are still with us, dont know were all the others are, hope they

are ok, look like we are both doing well, keep it up.

take care. talk soon

Alan xxx :D:);)


* knows she said she was going :o*

I quit smoking for a year once and after the sheer hell I went through (that time) I can honestly say there was a time during the hell and the starting again (55 weeks to be exact) when I felt like a non-smoker. Why I started again is anyones guess.

BUT I started again so what the hell do I know? ;)


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