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No Smoking Day
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made it,

hi all in team d-day,

well here i am in the 1 month forum, had some real hard days. but i made it

here with you all i hope, can be done with with the help we get from here,

also not begeting will-power, feel good so far. eating has slow down a bit

now. could'nt stop. hope your all still doing well. let me know how you are


hope the non smoking is still working for you all.

love to hear from the TEAM:D

be back later...... take care


5 Replies

Well done Alan

One month thats fab your doing great. Linda xxxxx


Hey Alan, jolly well done! planetsmilies.net/music-smi...

Your quit is going brilliantly well and Catwoman is right, you are a right cheery wee chappie! :)



Wow, well done Alan

That's gone by so quickly, or has it dragged for you?

Whichever, BIG, BIG Congratulations, you're doing great.

Here's to month 2:)


Nice one Alan, well done, bring on month two eh?


thanks everyone,

hi dan & everyone,

thanks a lots for your lovely words. im really please to get this far.



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