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Minor Crisis

I quit smoking on October 18th 2007 (same day as dossyDo) and of late I have figured I must be done with it. I don't think about cigs all that much. When I'm around people who smoke I think more about how much it stinks than whether I really want one. Several weeks ago I found an old pack of cigs in the garage and they didn't look attractive at all. Threw them away.

Today was really fine weather, and I am in spring mode. I cleaned the patio up, got the pots ready for plants, got some new planters, some bulbs, looked at a fountain at the home improvement center (do I really want that thing hanging from the wall? Will I keep it filled with water? I ask myself...), assembled some new patio chairs, sat down in one of them, and relaxed in the warm sunshine.

Suddenly, it's as if I were a ship under attack in World War II. Sirens in my brain go off: ooooooghaaa! ooooooghaaa! I break into a sweat. Is that a torpedo coming my way? NO! It's a cigarette crave!

In a panic I leave the patio and go into the dark computer room and log onto and read some of the newbie posts and before I know it, the wayward, almost forgotton kind-of-crave is gone.


I've been quit for about 5 months and here came one of those nasty things out of the blue. But, I survived. Good riddance. Now I'm going to post this note, go back outside on the patio, enjoy the setting sun and a drink, and plan out which plants I want in which pots this year. Maybe I'll even clean up the grill and roast a hunk of red meat for dinner tonight.

Thankfully I shall not be smoking a cigarette....

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wow Rob superstar, so glad you have got this far mate your brilliant. Sad to say but I crashed after 4 months. Had some health problems and stupidly reached for a old crutch. Im on Day 3 now, and more determined than ever to be where you are right now one day. Its weird but the urge to Quit never really left me. Its as deep rooted as nicotine is in my brain. However im on side of the quit, If you know what i mean. Good Luck mate may you continue to show us the way. xxx :)


War Crimes


During World War II over six million Jews died died in Nazi concentration camps over a 4-5 year period.

It is estimated that today over five million people die in the world every year from cigarette smoking. Over a four year period that is 20 million people. Over a five year period that is 25 million people.

Interestingly, this is a "holocaust" that everyone ignores. We have no museums to honor the dead from cigarettes. Perhaps we should. We are not trying in courts of law the purveyors of cigarettes as war criminals and hanging them. Perhaps we should. These purveyors of tobacco are causing so much death and misery, but no one doesn anything about it. Perhaps it is time we should?

100,000 deaths in Somalia provokes an outcry in the United Nations-the headlines of the world scream "Murder!", but five million deaths from cigarettes a year? It does nothing, absolutely nothing.

What is wrong with this?

You keep your quit, girl. Save yourself, because you clearly can't depend upon your government, your neighbor, your church, or anyone else to save you except yourself. Cigarette smoking is a holocaust and your only defense is to run from it as fast and as far as you can....and the odds of escape are not very good.

I wish you best of luck, but that is all I can do. I am powerless to stop this catastrophe. For right now, all we can do is stand up one person at a time and give our moral support to others who are trying. Perhaps later we can deal with these criminals, but for right now it is one person at a time.




Eeps, thats a scary a n a logy (lol @ the random censors here)... gotta keep that one in mind! Thanx for that. OH, and way to handle the sneak attack craving... thats what did me in last year after a few months.


RobW thats a shocker mate. wish i knew how to put it in a thread of its own so all would read it mate. Its something we just dont realise plodding along in our quits. Thanks for that and your good wishes Rob. Could you cut paste it into a thread of its own? im a pc blonde. xxx :)


Hi Rob...just wanted to ask, are you from USA?


You soon start disassociating cigs with routines. I already have got over not having a cig as soon as I get up. Yeah I may fancy one with my cuppa, but its easily handled.

Night times are worse for me ggrrr


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