Calling Team FM!

Most of us are going to be on our second week at some point in the next few days so I am posting this here!

I think we need a group activity to keep our team spirits up! So may I suggest we do a lil activity?

Now unless you have something better to suggest, the best I can come up with right now is a 'drawing'. Yep...

...a self portrait :D

No tablet aids though! Some of us aren't equipped with such a thing so its a drawing made by simply using the 'mouse'. I would say use pen 'n paper and then scan your piece of art but maybe not everyone has a scanner so a SELF PORTRAIT drawn BY MOUSE will suffice :D:D

Now, the pic can incorporate scenery if you so wish and it is not a competitition. Just a team 'thing' to pull us all together...

Post your Pic on here by Friday if you can (14th)


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  • Do I get a Blue Peter Badge?:)

  • A blue peter badge?! Indeed not! You get a far swankier badge than a mere blue peter get a...a...a...oh ok, a Blue Peter badge it is then! But only 'cos I can't think of no others! Actually, can it be red? :rolleyes:

  • Ok red !! or cash, either, im not fussed :D Will have to apply my drawing skills tomorrow as my bed awaits, have fun

  • Yeah Ok meeru thats great :D Will do mine sometime in the next few days...

    Cut off date is Friday 14th March. Anyone who is found late to be handing in their 'assignment' will be given a detention :p

  • DETENTION !!!! Down Boy !!!!! :)

  • Lol, drawing? here goes everything woot woot!

  • Hey Viking, you know you love it!!!

    Can't wait to get stuck into my picture LOL

    I already have next weeks task in're gonna love THAT one :D Of course, if anybody else has any ideas pls put them forward and tell us what is required :D

  • My work of art!

    Ok, here is my self portrait of me! :D


    Btw, I have got ears, but my hair is obscuring them which is why you can't see them :p

  • Hi Maddy,

    I wont be able to do a pic unfortunately cus my internet is down at work til thurs, and i can only use internet at home occasionally, and i dont have a scanner at home.

    But hey....week two started today!

    Had to change patches as was allergic to last one.

    I did a carbon test thingy at the chemist, you have to blow into a tube. Last week my level was at 12, and today it was 1!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done Kim. Bet you're well pleased.

    As pleased as we all are for you, everyone is about to be equally disappointed in me. I am about to go down the shop to buy some fags because I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE. I have tried. It just doesn't let up. Ever. Its just THERE constantly pulling at me to sink. And sink and fail I shall. Why put myself through hell only to feel tired, weepy, angry, down...where are the good things???

    I keep losing my patience with my children and its not fair on them. Why should I project my bad moods onto them? Poor things, I bet they hate their mum right now. I've been so moody. Not all the time and I have made a conscious effort to not be miserable around them, but when they do something that really displeases me I'm like a monster! I hate that. So, for the sake of my sanity and normality for my kids, its best I go buy some cigs and be happier for a lil while. I will start again with my quit when I feel better able to cope. Mind, if I can't do it now then I never will do but all I know right now is that I can't do it.

    Off out. Sorry to let you down and I know you are all stronger than me. What can I say, I'm beat.

  • Oh darnit. No, I'm not gonna buy any fags. Sorry. Just letting off a bit of steam. However, I do need to go to the shop and I its gonna be hard to not buy any cigs. Wish I didn't have to go but if I don't then me dog doesn't get fed!

    I will be honest if I slip!

  • Hi Maddy, i do hope you havent had a cigg...

    Your going cold Turkey am i right?

    Maybe its time to try another way, have you thought about NRT or even reading Allen Carr?

    I know people will say "you have gone this far cold turkey, keep going" and i totaly agree 100%.

    But if its getting to you so much your ready to smoke again maybe a change of tatics is needed.

    Anything but smoke!!!!!

  • Ermm... Guess I wont win that Blue Peter Badge


  • Sorry

    Thank you mojo and meeru. I went out and wanted to go for a long drive, then I noticed how low I was on petrol :mad:

    I'm just so very, very, very tired of fighting this thing. I would find it a helluva lot easier if my life hadn't have been tipped upside down but to put up with that and also all the crap that comes with stopping smoking, it's tiresome.

    I don't really want to go the NRT route, I would feel like it was a step back now that I have got the nicotine well and truly out of my body (I'm on day Nine). Hopefully I will make another nine but I won't hold my breath.

    I'm so envious of you guys. None of you moan and whinge like I do! Why am I incapable of just riding it out without making a song and dance about it and feeling like hopping off to the shop everytime I hit a dip? I mean, its just as hard for everyone else and yet most of you seem far more composed (even if it is a front) than I ever seem to be.

    You know what though? Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes when I hit a dip I don't automatically think of cigarettes as the answer to everything. That's an improvement I think. Maybe my brain is finally changing its thinking patterns.

    As for the Mr T pic....LOL Made me laugh seeing that. Thank you. I needed that laugh.

    And meeru....I think ya pic's great! lol That made me laugh also, ya nutter heheh Well thats two of us who has done our group task this 6 others to wait for!

    I just want to say a great big thank you again. You know the one thought that was going through my mind when I went to the shop to buy some dog food? The enormous urge to buy some cigarettes was countered by thoughts of letting the team down and those who have given me words of encouragement. In a way, its like 'ggrrr wish I didn't feel responsible to others then I could have a fag' lol I maybe didn't explain that in as clear a way as I would like, but this is from someone who once again, just tried using the sky remote to play the Wii :o I think its fair to say I have lost it lol

    Take care everyone, stay strong :)

  • Maddy

    Having opted for the CT route and ridden out the first week your physical symptoms should be calming down. It's clear that your psychological symptoms are putting up a pretty good fight though.

    What you've really got to tell yourself now is that a cigarette can't do anything for you. Yes you want one of course but you don't need one. You've now got no use for the nicotine that they'll give you anyway.

    This is the double-edged sword of CT. Your system is clean quickly but there's no nicotine lifeline to drag out your quit on. If your head is right with the effect that nicotine has on your body your craves should be minimal but if you're mourning your fags you've really got to be strong.

    Don't chalk it down to experience and try again when you're less stressed, it's a cruel trick, the next time will be just the same.

    Get on the most extreme anti-nicotine websites you can and read what's happening to you, that's where you'll find your answers. It's tempting but there are no answers in a packet of fags.

    Midget gems however......... the jury's out.

    Fight it. It does get so much easier. :)

  • Wow... last night was tough tough tough.

    I hung out with one of my smoking buddies... he doesn't smoke in his apartment, but we went to the pub, and we was in/out a bunch of times, and a few times i went out and stood with him, strong in the quit though, didn't even want a drag it seems... amazing how much time he wasted just standing there looking kinda funny smoking... and i was bored so was throwing snowballs and creating some ruckus haha.... 11 days... no smokes, but a nice lil hangover this morning rofl!

    Maddy... you stay strong, or no drawing from the vike :P I know you can do it!

  • Good job viking! Well done you for staying strong :)

    Been meaning to ask you, how are you quitting? CT or NRT?

    Hang over eh? I take it you had a few then! Do you enjoy your drink as much now that you don't smoke? Drinking has kinda lost its appeal to me because I love a smoke with it. Saw someone smoking today and it started me off fantasising lol

    Mind you, Chris Moyles, who is the BEST radio DJ in the world EVER!...has me giggling like crazy when I'm out in my car and don't even think about fags.

    Did you not even want one drag when you were outside with your friend?

    Thanks to Austin once again for his common sense post! You're right. We have all gotta just stick it out and get through the worst. O.M.G. A kewl dance toon has just come on the radio and its making me want to go out clubbing lol

    Have a good day everyone :p

  • i think my quitting method is in my signature now... CT! WEll, strange thing was... i wanted a smoke inside the pub... but it went away when i got outside and saw him standin there all weird and such... beer tastes great, smoking or not. I think i just had a good day yesterday, cause i'm agitated again today, and would be out with him right now if had the chance :P hope that answers your questions. Vike.

  • Oh, sorry Viking. Sorry if I appeared ignorant...I have read your sig probably a few times and I guess sometimes my brain just isn't capable of taking things in sometimes! Hell, my mind is all over the place lately it seems!

    As for wanting a fag when inside the pub and then a change of heart once you got outside and able to have one, is a psychological thing. As well as having a fair amount of willpower. Day Eleven for you now woohoo! Nearly Two weeks! I'm hot on yer heels...Day Ten for me!

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Nearly Two weeks! I'm hot on yer heels...Day Ten for me!


    and you carry on thinking like that maddy..and you have won the battle :)


    ( you,re catching me up as well!!! best i hurry up!!:D )

    james x

  • so there are at least 3 of us in team fm who have gone CT. Maddie your not the only 1 finding it tough, i am too, but am bloody determined not to give in.

    oh and will prob sound stupid but how do i draw the pic?

    I have been quit for 1 Week, 15 hours and 40 minutes (7 days). I have saved £87.23 by not smoking 382 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 7 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 03/03/2008 20:30

  • Sorry you're having a tough time of it too Louise. I saw your other post re your chest feeling tight. Or difficulty breathing. Someone else on here was complaining of that as well, just yesterday I believe. Its probably your body doing whatever it has to to sort your body out after all the years of smoking. I'm not medical expert though! So I'd see your Dr if you are very concerned about it.

    I'm liking your attitude! The 'not giving in' determination will see us all through and get through we will, even if it doesn't seem possible some days :eek:

    As for the pic, I just used PAINT. Within Accessories from the ALL PROGS menu. Meeru's drawing made me laugh lol

    Hope the tough bit soon ends for you Louise! Great name btw... Louise is my middle name heheh

    Thanks James...I'm nippin' at your ankles too huh? Kewl! I always did like chasing all the boys :D Well, at lower school anyway :rolleyes:

  • Hi all, just doing a lunch time check-in, seeing whats going on etc....

    Looks like its going to be a busy day on here tomorrow which is great.

    So how is everyone? sorry to hear your not feeling too good Louise, im no quack so im not even going to try and guess whats up but my money is on your lungs saying thanks for letting them free of all that crap you used to feed them on!!!

    I have a cold, sore throat, its easy to blame the quit but i just think i have a cold and even if i still smoked i would still have it.

    Thats it for now, must go, have a good afternoon folks and if your reading this thread and your quiting tomorrow, congrats and good luck.....


    (Not female like Maddy thought!!!!!!) although if i was female i wouldnt get up in the morning ;)

  • oh god i'm dim!!!! i really have NO idea how to do the pic???? i know maddie explained but only really use the comp for chatting to hot men! hee hee

    I have been quit for 1 Week, 22 hours, 59 minutes and 3 seconds (7 days). I have saved £90.71 by not smoking 397 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 9 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 03/03/2008 20:30


  • but only really use the comp for chatting to hot men! hee hee

    ok.. thats me out.. :D

    james.. 41 fat bloke.. :D

    (put on 3lbs in 2 weeks .. ) :D

    p.s i,d rather be a fat healthy bloke than a thin un-healty one )

  • Share with me how to do the pic! please!!!! xxxxxxx

  • ok.. thats me out.. :D

    james.. 41 fat bloke.. :D

    (put on 3lbs in 2 weeks .. ) :D

    p.s i,d rather be a fat healthy bloke than a thin un-healty one )

    With you there james! i have a rather unhealthy obsession with coffee kitkats at the mo! but figure it's easier to loose weight than cancer!!!

  • Pm Sent .

  • Hi Louise!

    Use Paint. There should be a Toolbar seperate to the bar at the top. If not, go to VIEW and then select Toolbox.

    Just play around with it until you get the hang of it :cool:

    Happy Doodlin'! :D

  • Here is the viking... and my cow? Enjoy

    I think i will name it Freedomoo :P

  • :eek: LMFAO!!!

    Oh my God! Thats just too funny. Oh man, thanks for the laugh Viking....freedomoo? rofl

    Seriously, thats really made me LOL Thats just brilliant! Did you really draw that freehand? Thats not bad! lol

    You really do look like a viking too!! I bet your wife gets some weird looks whenever you're both out 'n about together lol


  • lol... she won't let me grow out the giant orange beard... then we'd really be getting tons of looks, oh... that was freehand, ya... been drawing different cows and attack vegetables for years... ( maybe will draw some of those another time)

  • how do i resize my pic? it keeps coming up too big :mad::confused:

  • you can resize it with windows picture viewer if you have vista... or you can fix it with any photo software...

  • mine is gonna look proper piss poor after vikings pic!!! that was great viking!!!!


  • lol i just realized i made a half cow half bull... udders and horns... who woulda thought that possible

  • I know louise! Mine is crap compared to vikings. We're being outdone by a bloke louise...noooooooooo! Go touch yours up and make it a mother of a pic Ok?! lol

    Can't help giggling now 'n then that you drew a cow with horns...given that you yourself are sporting horns too :D I know, I laugh at anything these days. People think I'm mad!

  • I can't do it!!! stamps feet like a toddler!!! arrrggghhhh

  • want to send me it Louise? I'll resize it and send it right back

  • ahh thankyou, how do i send it to you?

  • rofl i just sent a pm in case she wanted to send it to me too rofl

    we are too helpful folk maddy... sidenote... keep giggling... being mad is oh so much fun, and we have an excuse now!

  • Hmmm think i need to go on a computer course!!!!!:confused:

  • rofl i just sent a pm in case she wanted to send it to me too rofl

    we are too helpful folk maddy... sidenote... keep giggling... being mad is oh so much fun, and we have an excuse now!


    Well, take ya pick Louise. Viking has prob sent you his email so send your piece of art to him 'k? I'll inspect it once it hits this thread lol

  • arhhh i give up! now i can't upload it at all. my tiny brain is fried :confused::mad:

  • i see it :P

  • ok i could upload it!!!! lack of nicotein sure has made me dim haha

  • thank you viking for that! you're a life saver xx and thanks for the offer maddie xx

  • Wa Heyyyy thats just great Louise! Love it lol I bet it really does kinda look like you too lol Kewl.

    I think we should round up all the pics so far...

  • Nice job maddy! Hmmm... perhaps once everyone is done we should make a signature banner or something :P

  • Everyone happy then with their pieces of art?

  • Wa Heyyyy thats just great Louise! Love it lol I bet it really does kinda look like you too lol Kewl.

    oh god i hope not! haha

  • rofl I love our team! ( still shuddering at the fact that maddy is planning more projects)

  • Maddie, did you have a poker up your bum in your pic? hee hee xxxx

  • Oh man this is mad! rofl Thanks for the updated 'post' viking! :D

    I happen to think that pic you drew is great louise! At least you don't look like a friggin' scarecrow :rolleyes:

    And as for 'other projects'....wouldn't you like to know!! Btw, if anyone else has any ideas for projects then say so! i'll do my best at whatever it is :D

  • Maddie, did you have a poker up your bum in your pic? hee hee xxxx

    :eek: Not a 'poker'


  • i have many ideas, just tell me when my weeks come up lol...

  • i have many ideas, just tell me when my weeks come up lol...

    Oh well now, then it can be your turn next then! The current one ends on Friday. Don't think we're gonna get anymore entries though.

    Its all over to viking then for our next 'project'! woo hoo!!! *is excited*

  • how rude maddie!!!!!! haha. my mum won't let me talk to you anymore :eek:

  • rofl rofl rofl lmao glad i came on today for sure.... k folks... the new project thread will be posted by sometime monday.

    I think it would be great if the other four fmers could do a paint pic up too... sometime, and i will make a banner out of them if i can :P

  • That'd be great viking...I'd sure like to see that! Would be kewl to have a banner!

    Louise, tell ya mum that I'm sorry, 'k? Tell her that some gremlin took over me and made me say it...totally against my will :rolleyes:

    Tonight sure has put a smile on my face tonight and I hope it has yours too! :D:D <----See?!

    *walks off muttering somethin' about weirdos*

  • I heard that!

  • :eek:


    Was talking about those two over there, behind you :p

  • What can i say guys, im impressed very impressed.

    Excellent !!!!

  • Excellent indeed meeru!

    *psst* Which one is the best? :p (other than your one, of course)


  • Now now thats naughty!! but if i has to decide it would have to be the cow, ha ha that can be any of them yea :):) you know im joking im not that horrible, honest. I think they are all good, i hope the others sketch theirs.

  • Now now thats naughty!! but if i has to decide it would have to be the cow, ha ha that can be any of them yea you know im joking im not that horrible, honest. I think they are all good, i hope the others sketch theirs.



    Ok, thats to the nortie corner! *points to nortie corner* and don't come back until you have had a word wi' yourself.


  • ARRHHH MISS it wasnt me, its all the coffee ive been drinking, promise i will be good from now on, anyway ive seen your real pics on the other thread and can i say " You light up the forum"" creep creep crawl crawl......

  • lol ok, I'll let you off...I know you wouldn't knowingly use a line like that solely to get out of any punishment (being 40 laps round a muddy track wearing a pink leotard) :eek:

    Ok, well its goodnight from you ;) Need my bed! Niters! Hope tomorrow is another successful day for you :)

  • Can I join this quit team pretty please.:D

    Only just realised you had teams, I'm a dimwit since I stopped the fags (was before really). ;)

    Noticed peeps have had trouble sleeping, thought I was on my own. Few nights lay there constantly thinking of cigs and couldn't sleep. Maybe we should have a insomniacs party.:)

  • Marion you get my vote but i cant make that final decision without the other team members and i guess half of them are in bed.

    Prompt this thread tomorrow, cant see a prob though.

    Just one thing, the weeks task is to sketch yourself so it helps if you CANT draw:D

  • Heya... Doubling up on the vote to have Marion as part of our team... but holding her spot until we get a sketch :P nya nya nya ... have a great night everyone!

  • Just to add also I'm ok with adding Marion to our team if everyone else is?

  • As long as her pics not better than mine!!! haha. oh and meeru i'm deeply offended now *sobs*

  • ive seen your real pics on the other thread and can i say " You light up the forum"" creep creep crawl crawl......

    which thread is that one then? i want to see :D

    I have been quit for 1 Week, 1 Day, 14 hours, 32 minutes and 16 seconds (8 days). I have saved £98.10 by not smoking 430 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 11 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 03/03/2008 20:30

  • Louise check out "the who are you thread.. on page two.

    This link may get you there, so many people on here today i think the thread has bveen knocked off. So best you post your photo to put it back in the listings :D

    As for the cow thing, as i mentioned it was the coffee and mint overdose i wasnt in control of my actions, im sure your a ray of sunshine like Maddy is - again creep creep crawl crawl im in a hole i cant get out etc etc... xx

  • Hmmm keep creeping boyo! haha. Posted it, think the pic i drew is better tbh!!

    I have been quit for 1 Week, 1 Day, 15 hours, 36 minutes and 40 seconds (8 days). I have saved £98.60 by not smoking 432 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day and 12 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 03/03/2008 20:30

  • help!!!!!!!


    new to this site....

    am on day 18 .... feel like i have turned into a monster.... i am rapidly in danger of losing friends and people at work have really get the hump with me because of my moodyness and sensitivity. i feel like a horrible person and wanna just have a cig to cheer myself up!!!!!

    Not gonna though!!!!!!!

    thought i would come on ere to see if theres any one else feeling more ov a social leper due to moodyness than when they were a smoker?

    bex x

  • I hear ya bex! I'm constantly walking the tightrope just waiting to fall off :o Dunno if I can do it but I'm trying.

    If you really, really want to be free of the evil weed, then please keep going. Claim your mind and body back and just say NO!!

    Repeat after me: "No, you nortie weed, I WILL NOT let you rule me ANYMORE! I am FED UP of smelling like an ash tray and I want to be able to go places without doing a sweep first to locate the smoking spots and I also want to spend my money on ME! Not YOU!"


    There, did that help? :D

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