No Smoking Day

day 10

just wanna thank you guys for some great advice, some been given directly and some i have read on here. well its day 10 and i feel great, i can breathe and smell things i had forgotten how they smell. went out with a mate yesterday and he is a smoker and i was amazed i actually didnt want one and it really didnt smell very nice at all, i cant believe im saying that after 30 years of smoking. i hope as time goes on the smell gets more and more vile to me so i will never be tempted to smoke what smelt like a rolled up turd :D, thanks again everyone, so far so good.

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Slightly worried now about what your mate was smoking!!! :eek:

Great to hear it's going so well for you, enjoy your smokefree weekend. :)


hbay , you may have a point there i never thought to ask :D, it was his normal rolling baccy but it just smelt really strange almost like when you had a cold, sore throat etc and forced yourself to smoke your way through it, it really seemed to upset my sense of smell? wonder if he has horses? :D


Gives a whole new meaning to 'rolling your own' :D


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