No Smoking Day
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2 weeks today!!

OMG....I finally got out of that room. Am into week 2 today. I have to admit the cravings are just a thought now. For the past few days I haven't even thought of a morning cigarette. That was my toughest. My fingers are starting to smell like less nicotine. My skin feels softer, my bladder feels larger (i think that has something to do with all the lemon water i am drinking) , my breathing is much easier and freer. I don't huff and puff on the stairs anymore.

Now...I beleive it is time to start walking and working on the pounds I have put on from the last attempt and keep any from going on this attempt.

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Big hugs Cindy x x x x

So well done for going again x x 2 weeks too!!!

Weeee haaaa :D

You go girl ;)

Love to you and Tony hope all is good in the hood :D

~Buffy x x



So good to see you back! Have missed you! How's things with you? We are pampering boudee since she has lost her dog. She has had a rough go of it lately. Sure have missed ya!



Good to be back x x x x x

Thanks Cindy *hugs*

Yes poor Boudee :( I saw the post.

Thinking of her and of all my friends here x x

~Buffy x x


Congratulations Cind. Only on my 2nd day here but you give me hope about the champix working.

ps Emma got her braces yesterday,removable ones. She goes back twice next month to have 5 teeth out(apparently her mouth is too small for the amt of teeth she has. ) Mouth too small? (and me her mother?!:D

Its an ongoing treatment of approx. 18 mths so I promised to stay quit for at least that long. As you remember from the 'Braces'thread -that wasthe deal!!!:)


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