No Smoking Day

A Natural Way To Help Quit

A Natural Way To Quit

By:Christopher C.

Many of us have tried all sorts of ways to beat smoking but have failed. The doctor says use the patch or chew the gum or here try some valium but you gotta draw the line somewhere. There are so many products out there like chantix and Im not saying it does not work but there is alot of side effects that people do not like. I am a xsmoker myself and have found a great way to quit, that is easy on the body but works(this method requires 0%nicotine).

First your going to need something that will deal with the withdrawal and craving for example:Nervous Tension,Irritability,detox, sometimes you just need to give your body what it needs to get over the habit in a healthy way.

There is a product out there that works great, myself and many more have tried this non-habit forming natural homeopathic medicine and its called Smoking Withdrawal by NatraBio

So while you try quitting, going insane without that (CIG) is the first thing on your mind. There is a solution that I have found works. In the combo of Smoking Withdrawal and the use of natural herbs to calm your nerves here a blend that works hands-down.

Valerian root---Hops---Kava---Here is what these herbs do for you :)

Valerian is a Sedative,Relaxant,Anxiolytic

Hops promote Healthy Sleeping,Reduces Anxiety,Recently research has looked at Anti-Cancer and Anti Viral effects.

Kava is a Depressant and Intoxicant(so how does that work for me?) simple!

Many doctors tell you to have a drink or a Benzo when you feel the urge to smoke, that makes no sense to me, kava works by relaxing your body and mind without messing you up and when combined with the hops and valerian, it works very well(is kava bad for your liver?)some say yes while others say no, its open for debate. Some claim that using the root has 0% effect on the liver and that natives have been drinking it for 1000's of years so you do the math.

Have a plan read read read use this method if done right it will work, be faithful and follow through, change your diet and habits and for god sakes take your vitamins, fish oil, and antioxidants.

If you have any questions or comments you know what to

Thanks and take care<>:cool:

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Most informative christopher However let me add my tuppence worth

1. Champix is non-nicotine therapy so there!

2. The only kava/cava i know comes from Spain, comes in bottles and gets you well drunk! (tastes nice though):rolleyes:


Chantix has no nicotine thats for shure but at the same time many people have found the side effects to be unpleasant and it is a new medication as with all chemicals be shure to consider the long term effects on the body, not to say nicotine has foul effects on the body in the long run.

Agian I must say that I am not slamming this drug if it works more power to you but be careful there is NO! quick fix for smokers.


Champix is from Cytisus laburnum.


Oh by the way (SORRY) I forgot to add that good quality Kava is simple to buy its organic form comes in a root powder,paste,or pill I suggest the root powder and paste mixture, its not cheap but will not kill your budget at the same time. Kava comes from the south pacific islands(if you drink way to much it can cause a alcohol type of intoxication) but dont you all go running for it now lol ! just playin...

If you would like to know more about Kava or would like to buy some a great place to get it is at


Here you go Justintime and others...

Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage.—Administered to certain animals, as the dog, cat, etc., even in small doses, M. Chevallier found laburnum to occasion emesis, muscular debility, increased pulse, accelerated respiration, somnolence, spasms, and finally death. With man, according to Dr. T.S. Gray, Popham, Clout, and others, the bark, the flowers, or the seeds, in large doses, produce a sense of indisposition, drowsiness, followed by vomiting, vertigo, cold sweats, dryness and constriction of the throat, gastric pain, pallor, purging, accelerated respiration, strong contraction of the features, dilatation of the pupils, muscular contractions, quick and agitated pulse, and other symptoms of narcotism. Recovery from these symptoms occurs more or less speedily, and no case is recorded in which death was the result. In cases of poisoning by laburnum, Dr. Gray has advised the use of charcoal, though in many severe cases, persons who have suffered severely from the symptoms named, have promptly recovered without the aid of any antidote. Chevallier, who, having taken 6 or 8 grains of cytisine, found himself threatened with severe symptoms, drank quite freely of lemonade, and thereby checked their further progress. In medicinal doses, Dr. Gray recommends the use of the active principles of laburnum in the treatment of dyspepsia attended with vomitings of bile-matters and alternate attacks of diarrhoea and constipation; likewise to cheek the vomiting of children who eject their food soon after its ingestion; to relieve bronchial cough, and mitigate the severity of the paroxysms of pertussis and asthma, and to prevent the sympathetic vomiting of pregnancy; however, these recommendations have not been supported by subsequent trials. Prof. J. M. Scudder (Spec. Med.), suggests the small dose (teaspoonful of the solution of 10 drops of a tincture of the recent bark, made with 98 per cent alcohol, in 4 ounces of water), every 1 to 3 hours in irritation of mucous tissues occurring in nervous dyspepsia, in the restlessness and uneasiness which follows mental overwork, and in the excitation of the gastric and hepatic nerves giving rise to frequent and easily excited vomiting. The dose of a decoction, of sp. gr. 1.034, is from 2 to 30 minims; of cytisine, from 1/8 grain to 2 grains (hypodermatically 1/10 to 1/8 grain); of laburnine, from 2 to 10 grains. In a case where poisoning occurs, the best course to pursue is to remove the contents of the stomach as speedily as possible by means of an emetic well diluted with warm water, and then to administer ammonia, whiskey, or other diffusible stimulants.


Champix is from Cytisus laburnum.

Sorry for sounding thick but is that a good thing? (i'm feeling great with it so far):confused:


Thats great Justintime I am so glad its working for you and I truly hope it works for countless others, keep taking it just remember that most to all chemicals start from the basis of nature but can lead to trouble in the long run. We will see how Chantix holds out in the future as a herbalist I am always raising a brow to new medications I guess lol! even if there base go's back thousands of years.


Homeopathic helper: I'm afraid I only got a degree in English -science baffled me a'nd s'till does so I am sorry but I don't understand a word of your post!!! Hey man 'Them's the breaks'!:rolleyes:


To kazza and others reading this...

Chantix Go For It! the drug should be ok and if you have a restless,irritable,discontented feeling racing through your body try the valerian-hop-kava mix to give you ease and comfort your mind and body deserve.:D


Hello all I gave up smoking a year ago.

And thanks for the welcome ;)


These sites I share with people earn me nothing.

I share these sites for the products they offer as being a good source to purchase from.

These are sites I do my business at as a customer bases only(I am not a spammer).

There are many sites and I mean many that have all sorts of things to sell but with most of them quality is very poor and charge alot of money.

Hope this helps...


I was wondering the same thing Bou!


We have a nice lil' commmunity on here and we don't bother anyone!!! Why do people find the need to come here and bother us!!! :mad:


Either way you take it is fine with me. Many have very little clue about what different kinds of herbs can do for them and yes I do come to share with those who would like to know a different way of trying to give up a very bad habit, you can take it or leave it either way its all good..:) ..


People like you make me laugh why you ask? because everyone has there opinion in the matter,this is a public forum for all to sign up and to share what they please and such I am doing just that,its very simple,if you do not care for what I have shared in the quitting tips section of this board, its very simple, dont read it, dont post in it, and move on its going to be ok dont strain yourself over it.

Its my opinion on the matter that I have shared and thats that(cut and dry).

Move On!

I have done nothing wrong but share my method of quitting... mmm k


Don't forget that all those homeopathic helpers have some side effects and you need to do your research if you are on any other medication as it can affect those greatly. Especially Kava Kava. St Johns Wort. If your not sure call the drug store and ask the pharmacist! Herbs are like anything else. Purity and dosage are extremely important. The can be toxic in the body if not taken correctly. BE AWARE.

YES, chantix has side affects and we are guinna pigs with it and who the hell knows what will happen to us 20 years from now. Can't be any worse than smoking. At least we will be able to breathe and won't be carrying an oyxgen tank around with us.

Just be smart folks!!


Very good point about the chantix you nailed it.

As with the herbs I do agree,yes herbs can have toxicity effects on some people or if one were to over do it, at the same time it is a must that you contact your doctor about drugs you are on now and how a herb or herbs will effect your medication and with using kava you must use caution, all in all thoe in most cases herbs do great along side with other meds.

Be safe,talk to your doctor,easy does it but do it.


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Bou - you crack me up!! :D


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