No Smoking Day
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Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! I've done it...... I've reached that magical 6 months mark. I can't quite believe I've not smoked a cigarette for half a year. It hasn't always been easy - even now, I do get the very occasional nano-second craving, but I do manage to resist each time.

I have put on a bit of weight (if I'm honest, quite a bit!), so I suppose that's going to be my next challenge! However, the benefits of not smoking for me have been a real boost - rather than just frittering the money 'saved' I thought I'd put it to good use...... I got a 0% finance deal on a new car! The repayments over the next 4 years are almost equivalent to the amount of money I was spending on cigarettes in a month (with inflation etc, it'll even itself out). I also have the incentive that I can't afford to do both - so if I were to start smoking again, I'd have to sell the car........ there is some logic there, albeit female logic!

Speaking of female logic reminds me of why I wanted to quit in the first place..... I was so angry that the government were going to make me stand outside to have a cigarette from 1st July, that I was determined to be a non-smoker by then just so they couldn't control me (I told you it was female logic!).

In 6 months I've not spent £1656 on cigarettes - that's about 7360!

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U are obviously so proud of yourself, thanks for coming back and sharing the feeling.

I'm at 2 months now and it feels great, can't wait to get to 6 months, hope i can stay strong and focussed this time!!



Well done Shamlay :)

You should now have it cracked.:D

We can't wait to get to the 6 month mark. will then feel that we have really cracked it.

Keep it up:)


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