No Smoking Day

The Devil in Miss Boudee

Hello every1 how are we all today.

I see Boudee is living up to the title of filthiest mind on this forum, she seems to manage to drag every post down to her smutty depraved level with sexual inuendo tut tut you dirty little minx. I was sweet and innocent when i joined this forum i have been corrupted and have plunged into the depths of depravity Thanks mainly to BOUDEE and that other little minx BUFFY.what is concerning me more is that i find posts which these two perverted people post on very erotic. I have a doctors appt 2morrow so i will get her to do a check up from the neck up for me. LOL

So as from thurs i can go up a level to month 4 i have about 3 weeks of reduced doseage tablets left. The champix has helped me greatly but the support from this forum has been superb especially Boudee,Buffy and a few others thank you every1 :p

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I think you have a very valid point. If she has never smoked how the hell would she know what it is like. No other addiction is as hard to conquer except herion from what I have read. I think it gets into every fiber in you and it takes a long time to break all the habits and routines we have lived with for years. Especially those of us who have smoked forever. Don't tell me what it is like unless you have walked this road before. .....steps off high horse.


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