No Smoking Day

Day 2 blues

Hi all,

New member, gave up Sunday night ( Going for it Cold Turkey)

Had a shock last night tried to sleep but was very restless , cold sweats & twitching , did not think it would be as bad that. Any way got through the night.

Today feeling very dizzy & quite down had some major cravings today but still not going to smoke, Helps alot reading these forums , nice to know other people are in the boat.


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well done on making the decision to stop, that's the hard part over with (honest!) I found lots of fruit juice over the first few days really helped. Apparently nicotine does something to your blood sugar levels so the levels go haywire when you stop smoking - I'm no scientist, can you tell?!?

But, like you say, the nicotine will be out of your system within a few days so you've really only got a couple of hours to go. It really does settle down after that. Then it's onto sorting out the mental triggers but at least you can keep telling yourself that the nicotine in your system is gone.

This place is great whether it's going really well or you're having a sh*tty craving as there's always people who know what you're going through and that care about you making it.



Welcome on board MacGreedy x x

H is right about the sugar levels.

Drink plenty of juices like H says and also try to drink water too sipping water can help ease cravings and regular water brings up energy levels and flushes out toxins x x

Also eat little and often (not hard at all when not smoking :D )

Again It is the first hurdle and you are winning!!

Well done and stay strong it is a short lived pain for a lot of gain!!

Keep posting

~Buffy x x


Thanks for the support and the tips and the speedy reply.

At the moment i just want to finish work and get home and have a nice cuppa.


Thanks for the support and the tips and the speedy reply.

At the moment i just want to finish work and get home and have a nice cuppa.

That's the spirit ;)

Don't want to be a show off but ............

I got a nice cuppa in my hand right now :D

Remember no late night cuppas' though ;)

x x ~Buffy x x


Well also not meaning to show off but I'm also having a nice cuppa at the moment!

Tea's great for cravings as by the time the kettle's boiled you've forgotten about wanting to smoke.

It really does help to remember that cravings only last a few minutes. If you distract yourself and keep busy when it first hits you you forget about it within a couple of minutes.

Things I've found useful to do to pass those first few minutes are:

* make a lovely cuppa

* do the washing up

* make my lunch for work for the next day

* sort the ironing out

* paint my nails

* text or call someone

* play a game of something quick (minesweeper!!)

* make a shopping list (anything from food to clothes, it doesn't matter so long as your mind starts thinking about something else)

They all sound really boring now but it does help!


Oooh thats good H!!

I am one for writing lists too,

They get the mind set to change and It's a bit like window shopping :D

Writen many a dream shopping list :)

I have also become a magazine junkie mainly heat,

Easy reading and quite distracting!

Hot bath glass cuppa or glass of wine and a magazine and that's the next hour and a half taken care of :D


Great advice guys, Thanks

Going swimming tonight to keep me busy.

Also being new here do i post my threads on day 3 tomorrow or just carry on here ? :)


I think you can do either - post wherever the hell you like mate! :o


The forums are set out so you feel good as you progress x x

But of course wherever you post you will be supported and welcomed!!

We all run around like headless chickens it's like a funny hotel scene with everyone popping in and out of rooms!!

Swimming is great! good for you.

I find exercise invigorating and takes away cravings for a longer time.


Hi all,

Lists.......... the best things invented..... I even have lists of lists.

MacGreedy, your going great! You can pop in here to distract yourself when all you can think about is cigs - this forum really really helps (in my opinion anyway). Why not write a list of all the treats you can have by being a no smoker- only limited by your imagination and no longer by your bank balance or motivation!

x x


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