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No Smoking Day
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hi only managed 1 day

hi i only managed one day last week i stopped drinking alcohol so on saturday i decided to stop smoking felt ok but on sunday night i felt so down i had a few cans of lager then i started smoking today i feel awful i done so well not drinking and i was confident i would stop smoking so i will have to start again no more alcohol and no more cigs i feel bad as well because my daughter wants me to stop smoking and i want to stop as well i started to feel better not having any alcohol i just couldn't sleep to good at night but that would have got better so i am jst going to try harder this time marg

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Hi Marg, quitting any addiction is a constant personal struggle, and a large part of that struggle is purely in your head

should i, shouldn't i, i'll just have one, no i won't, i do want one, i don't want one.....and on and on and on.

The fact that you keep coming back here and keep trying shows that you have that desire in you to quit for good, keep trying!!!

YOU WILL GET THERE!!!!:) :) :)


Don't try to do everything all at once, i would suggest drinking your normal levels of alcohol just avoid going out on a right bender for the first month or two!!

Try and plan things to do instead of smoking, reading, writing, gym, walking etc

just because this is another attempt does not mean that you shouldn't put your all into it!!

cash for ash jar, plan your rewards all those things to help give you the push you need

Are you using or considering any form of NRT?

x x ~Buffy x x


Keep trying!

You can do it!

Stay away from too much alcohol, i have had a few tins, but stayed reasonably sober


Take it 1 day at a time you can do it:)


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