No Smoking Day
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Sorry x x

Pooo pooo and more poo,

I have had a crap weekend, i bought 10 fags i smoked 3 and went to holland and barrat and smoked 2 herbals

they were no different! i feel awful and turn my nose up at herbal, however i now know when the proverberal hits the fan i will go herbal.

albeit even they stink and i dont like it!!

i am so sorry guys x x x x

It is bad at home make or break kinda stuff :rolleyes:

but i feel i got nowt out of either,

I will not smoke again, again!!!

~Buffy xx

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Buffy, you and I in same boat, had a real bad weekend, see my note in general threads. Stay strong.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


hi again, dont know if you remember me buffy , posted a couple of weeks ago and have just been reading others posts since then. Would have been four weeks without a cig for me tomorrow but i also gave in to temptation last night when i had a few too many. :( Feel really crap about it today am soooo disapointed in myself, but will not be put off so back to day 1 i go! :o feel for you buffy and pupalup xx


you folks can do advice really havent; fallen off YET

but i could and i know you will be there for me ;)

never give up giving up :)


Buffy I'm sorry to here your having problems at home.

We'll def all be ignoring your lil blip this weekend. Your the inspiration for most of us and have kept us all going when times are tough.

You know we are here for you

Big hugs.


Hi buffy and pupalup,

don't feel too bad, I crashed and burned on friday and had a smoke, came on here,got great advice, everybody is sooooo good and understands that it does happen. Nico is such a powerful thing its so hard trying to break the grip it has, and continuing with it.

I've not touched another one, since that one, and that is thanks to really good advice from the people on here (well done boudee pep talk worked a treat thanks again) and buffy you have helped so many people on here, anyone can have a setback, don't worry we've all been there, I feel for you cos I felt so bad guilty, annoyed and weak with myself.

chin up both of you, we'll all get there in the end.

Liz xx


Hi Mel,

I too crashed on friday, just couldn't help it, really annoyed with myself. Like you just getting back on with it, if we all stay determined to rid ourselves of the nicodemon we'll get there in the end.

Keep going with it mate, keep posting on how you're getting on.

Liz xx


yeah no point beating ourselves up about it, cheers liz :)


Thanks all x x x

I don't feel tempted to be honest, things are rough, i reckon herbals are doing the job right now lol to be honest i am not even tempted by them!!

No form of smoking is changing the outcome and neither do they make me feel better!

I made a statement rofl crap one at that! everyone still feels the same :rolleyes:

Reckon i may be a single mum again , at least this time i will be a non smoking one :D

i aint buying no more of that crap!!!!!

Blipped and recovered ~Buffy x x x x

(Hand on heart guys x x i luv yous too much!)


I reckon a group hug might make Buffy feel better....

I hope you of all people can get back on the wagon quickly Buffy because the board just wouldn't be what it is without you posting on it. You are our strength (sorry if that sounds a bit selfish - it's not intended to)

Really sorry to hear that you're having some rocky times at home, but starting smoking again will add to your problems not ease them.

If you feel you're going to have a slip up again, smoke a pipe instead - in a public place!!!


Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep going. You know where a weak spot is now and will learn not to do that again or be prepared. You have done brilliant so far and don't need to apologize to anyone or yourself. Just keep going. Know we are here. Besides how many times have you given that same advice to one of us????

hugs and hugs


Don't beat yourself up over a cig - stuff happens - sometimes we don't have the strength to sat strong about everything. Look after yourself and stay strong. (((Hug)))


I admire you for coping at this bad time.Hope things work out


Hi Buff

So very sorry to here about your bad time just wish I lived near so I could give better support. So sad about your relationship do hope it turns out the best it can for you and your little ones Chin up babe we are here when ever you need us. I do know how you feel my own relationship has been heading there for a bit now not sure what will happen LOve from me Linda xxxx


Oh Buffy,

You have helped and encouraged so many quitters on here (including me), and thats only in the few weeks ive been on, so it must be many many more.

After so long stopped, it's only a blip and you can get back on track.

So sorry about your problems. I was there in the past and that was one thing that got me properly started again and how I regretted it. But smoking didnt change anything, no miracle happened as a result of smoking and I just felt far far worse overall. (and I was a mum to a young child and subjecting her to smoking as well).

Take care, you can do it, you are such an inspiration. (hug)


You must forgive yourself, we need u!!!

Buffy xxx

As dicky said, for selfish reasons, you cant leave us, u are the backbone of this forum and it would not be the same without u. Im fairly sure i would have had one by now if it wasnt for this forum.

i am so sorry that u are having troubles at home, i know u have lots of friends on here, but if u ever want to talk privately on msn, i will give u my add.

take care and stay strong

love sandie x



Thank you all so so so so so very much!!

I can't believe this responce I feel so overwhelmed!!

Thanks every one I have read every post and I feel like crying! in a nice way!!

That group hug was lovely too and the offers for more support I am so glad to have so many wonderful caring friends!!

Things are looking better and I am not a single mum :D not easy but not single :)

I always knew I had support here but I never realised just how much!

I love you all and thanks again for the kind words I will strive on and I will not revert to smoking again.

It felt funny to me lol I felt like i was 15 again in the school toilets sneaking in a fag :D

It hurt too :( my chest hurt and the roof of my mouth?!

Thanks again guys x x ~Buffy x x


Hi Buffy,

Great to have you back!:D


Welcome back in Buffy, missed you chats yesterday, just wasn't the same, no disrespect to anyone else on this forum and I know you will all say the same, you Buffy are a great inspiration (and you Boudee) you post regularly to everyone, welcoming them and keeping them strong even when we have our blips.

Stay strong honey,

Big hugs

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


*hugs* Barney, Tis good to be back thanks hun x x

Pupalup, *blush* Thanks :D I love you guys, if i do dissapear it'll never be for long!!

I can't start smoking again because then i willl have no place here and lose all these friends!! :eek:


Hi Buffy

You have made my day to see you back been so worried about you. My mum was right she used to say things will look better in the morning wise woman my mum God bless her Love Linda xxx


Thank you Linda x x

Wise ol' Owl your mum ;)

It is good to be back, I am appreciative to have this support network as it goes far beyond not smoking nowadays. I have many friends here x x

~Buffy xx



sorry to hear about your slip up with the ciggies, i agree with everyone here that you are the backbone of this forum and it wouldnt be the same without you, i am glad to hear that you have stopped smoking good for you stay strong. no matter how stressed or depressed you get a ciggy aint going to make you feel any better


For Buffy

Buffy! I am so sorry, I completely missed all of this, with not being on alot recently.

I hope u are feeling better now and back on the wagon, and Im really sorry about your relationship, Im sure it will all work itself out in the end.Just go with the flow, and if you need anything, anything at all, or you need an ear to bend, I am here.

Thinkin of you hun, stay strong, Charlene.:o


Thanks Andy and Charlene x x x x

I am stronger for all this support! It makes such a difference!

And i take heed!!

All these offers for a shoulder, you may regret it 'cos i may well just take it up!! ;)

Thanks again x x x ~Buffy x x x


never you are here for everyone else so the least we can all do is return the favour Besides your'e our friend and what are friends for?? :)



Thanks x x really thank you very much x x


Hi buffy,

Sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time at home, not suprised you succumbed to the weed, I have been there and it can be really tough!

Glad to hear things are getting a bit better now and you are back with us. Don't know what we would do without you honey, anyway I need you to play quizes with!

Stay strong and think positive girl. :D :D We all need you.

Befly x x:D :D


Thanks Befly :D

If world war 3 breaks out I won't miss out on our quiz!! :p

~Buffy x x


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