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No Smoking Day
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Where's Ron, Viking & geordietrucker?

Just been through all the posts and sort of wish I had'nt. Poor Ron appeared to have a right old dodgy time of it, viking's lost his horns & Geordietrucker is well and truly lost. Be nice to hear from any of them to see if its got any better.

A note to the webmaster.

It might be an idea to have a page for general posts, as well as the 1 day, 2 day etc just so the veteran non stinky smokers can punch on the help and advice.Bit like a corridor where people stop for a chat.:cool: Whaddya think?

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theres a general forum :) we used to have a chill out lounge there which is cool.


Viking pops in from time to time.

Ron was in last week and has remained smoke free and is doing very well!! love him x x x

Geordietrucker :rolleyes: hmm yeah wheres you got to! :p


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