No Smoking Day

Short of breath

Hi all

It was the start of week 6 yesterday for me (with patches) and I have to confess I have probably had about 10 cigarettes in all this time :( On a positive note - I've not smoked 590 cigarettes :)

As well as having an intermittently hoarse voice due to all the gunk that's clearing from my lungs :eek: I find that my breathing is worse now than it was when I was smoking. I used to be able to run on the treadmill at the gym, albeit in very short bursts. Instead of it becoming easier now, if anything it's more difficult!

Does anyone else find their breathing is more of a problem than it was when they were on the ciggies?

Hopefully this will gradually improve.


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I have just got back from collecting my daughter from nursery and feeling quite puffed at the door I thought 'This is weird!', it eases up again with rest though, so not asthma like I don't think.

Hope it does improve and not a sign of life long damage we have done :(


From my own experience it has not really increased my longevity as far as physical activity, I still wear out rather fast (still). A big difference is when I was smoking if i pushed myself i would be in a coughing fit for a good while, now I will simply catch my breath after a few minutes.


According to some stuff I read:

It can take 2-12 weeks for walking and exercise to get easier and between 3-9 months for lung efficiency to increase.

Don't be surprised then if you aren't feeling the benefits straight away. Your body is probably still busy with getting 'de-gunked' !


I stopped a few years ago for 5 months, i was going to the gym regularly before i stopped smoking, this was the reason i stopped, i realised how stupid it was to spend an hour in the gym then light up as soon as i left.

Anyway, it was a good few months into my quit when i was jogging on the treadmill, i took a breath and could actually feel my lungs open up more.

It was so bizarre, but a good feeling, it was as if i suddenly had a greater lung capacity!! It still remember the feeling now, and it was about 3 years ago!!!

As Volcano says, it takes time. I was already reasonably fit back then but still took a while before i got that feeling.

Can't wait to get it this time around!!!!:)


I have been so much better with my breathing since giving up I noticed the change even after the first week

Bea its always worth getting checked out with your GP as even non smokers get things like chest infections, hope you feel better soon


Hi Bea

We must almost be the same time 6 weeks for me 12 oclock tonight.

I am still getting a few coughing fits but before I stopped I was getting a lot so things are getting better mind I was smoking 40 aday but not one puff in 42 days. We are all doing well arnt we gang.

Hi little Sue how you keeping


Thanks everyone.

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one ;) (Don't you just love these smileys?!!!)

Thanks Volcano for that information. I didn't know that. Will just have to be more patient :cool:

Have to say I don't feel ill with it.

Linda I think I'm 2 days ahead of you, but as I say I have had about 10 cigs :(



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