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The fight of my life

I am a 65year old male, I was battling Mediastinal largeB cell lymphoma, all of 2016. I began having symptoms the last few months of 2015. Terrible night sweats, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, just never put two and two together. The second week of January 2016, I went into respiratory arrest, and ended up in an ambulance to the Emergency room. A CT scan of my chest revealed a very large mass in the mediastinal area of my chest. A CT guided biopsy two weeks later confirmed lymphoma. A week later I had a port put in and began began chemotherapy, a six hour treatment every third week for eighteen weeks. Followed by twenty radiation therapy treatments. I spent a total of eight weeks in the hospital throughout 2016, could not breathe when I l was laying flat, and required oxygen twenty-four seven. It was a constant battle with very low white blood cell counts and infections, of which I am now MRSA positive. I am now in remission, and my oncologist is very optimistic that I will beat this. It is a scary thing to go through. Always feeling sick losing your hair, and constant doctor appointments and tests. If you are diagnosed with NH lymphoma, hang in there and fight for your life. Chemo for lymphoma has a very good results in most cases.

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Well done to you for coming through such a tough journey - and your phrase " hang in there and fight for your life" is very apt. Onwards and upwards!

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Well done the battle is almost done with your positive attitude😀


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